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The Education of Tomorrow

In the 15th century, there were no wall clocks and wristwatches. To tell the time, people studied the sun, watched the movement of the stars, and used sand dials to fairly estimate what the time of day was. Today, if you need to tell the time, all you need to do is – take a glance at your wristwatch or your phone, and voila! You know what time of day is.

Similarly, technology has spread across different aspects of our lives – helping us reach people with ease, move from one place to another faster, and more importantly, learn better. Currently, the educational scope has evolved with technological advancements, and as such, the best 21st-century learner is one who harnesses newer tools and tech towards the future of learning.

In this post, we analyze the various aspects that learning has developed, and how best students can leverage in it.

1. Personalized Learning

The future of learning ushers in a new era of personalized learning – such that learners have access to courses and curricula that fit their needs, preferences, learning styles, and learning pace.  While integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning, learners are able to get real-time analytics of their learning, as well as a more personalized journey. Lovely right? There’s more!

2. Immersive Technology

For new drivers, one of the best ways to learn is to be in simulations of cars, and being involved in driving scenarios. Similarly, for many learners, the learning experience is better when they are in immersive simulations and interactive environments, and have hands-on learning opportunities. This immersive technology facilitates deeper learning, engagement, retention, and ultimately, understanding of the learning scenarios. The perfect blend of the physical and digital world using immersive technology allows students to explore, experiment, and learn at an unparalleled pace.

3. Learning gamification

Recent learning innovations have incorporated virtual reality (VR) and Augmented reality (AR) into learning processes, and as such, it is offering an engaging way to understand complex topics. The gamification of learning subjects incorporates different gaming and design elements that make learning all more enjoyable and interactive. As such, learners are able to earn points, badges, and climb up leaderboards while learning. Not just that – gamification also allows learners to understand their progress, weaknesses, gives a sense of achievement, and meets differing needs of learners.�

Overall, the future of learning is a continually evolving one. Hence, learning processes are continually being iterated upon. The best 21st-century learner is one who can leverage these newer tools and tech towards improving their learning experience. Looking for how to get started? Register now for the 2024 African Edutech Conference tagged “Building an Effective African EdTech Ecosystem for Global Impact” here.