Why You Should Start Using Printable Teacher Resources

Some Tips On How To Use Free Teaching Resources Online

Why You Should Start Using Printable Teacher Resources

Online teaching resources can be accessed anytime anywhere. Websites packed with teaching tools and resources have made it easy for us. Teachers in Nigeria can download useful teaching resources from the sites, and not just any resource but ones that are relevant to Nigerian school curriculum. Teachers who are hesitant to using such resources should reconsider their positions because they are being left behind.


Among the many number of teaching resources you will find online include books for teachers to read to improve, textbooks, lesson planners, school management software, learning apps, and of course, printable resources, among others.

Some of the greatest treasures of the internet are, without question, the educational blogs with millions of ‘How to’ articles and other useful blog content that help teachers develop their skills more, and keep them informed of current education news. You are just reading one of them right here.

If you muddle through some of these educational sites you will find out that they provide these printable teaching resources that we are so keen to introduce you to.

Printable simply means you can print them, either at home at the office or at school. The printed paper may contain worksheet templates, flashcards, which you can then cut into the appropriate sizes using a scissors, exercises for students and other resource material suitable for teachers in Nigeria.

There are different printable teacher resources for different purposes, there are those that help you with your work as a teacher and those that help your students learn. A printable resource usually has blank spaces for you to fill, depending on its purpose, for example a printable to-do list will leave spaces for you to write down your list and a box to tick them off.

In this post, you will see why every teacher in Nigeria needs to start considering using printable resources to make for a better life at school.

Reasons Why You Should Use Printable Teacher Resources

A high demand is placed on online teaching resources like the printable papers, and their use is becoming more popular, frankly because it is the way forward. Almost anyone now has better access online, thanks to the compact and smart gadgets we use, from laptops to smartphones we all use them for our work and other day to day activities.

Teachers find tools that will make them better at their jobs, by helping themselves and helping the students become educated.

You can find printable motivational quotes to print and post on the classroom walls, or find a printable to-do list designed, of course, specifically for teachers, to fit their rigorous routine and to help them keep everything in check.

Using this resource will considerably make your work easier, they are solutions that simplify your life for you. Yes, you may have to spend some time trying to find the printable worksheet that has exactly what you need or at least a semblance of what you need.

But surely that exercise is not wasted effort, you are going to be glad with the outcome, since it lets you become more productive and eases your work for you.

Another delightful thing about printable teacher resources is that it is actually fun to use, they are mostly designed specifically to incite fun because educational stuff has a lot to do with children.

For instance, you will find that printable resources for primary school children are full of colourful illustrations and large font styles. So that kids can relate with the information on the printed material.

This could even be a way to reach to some students in your classroom. Some students are easily distracted and are a bit hyperactive than average, they need very interactive and engaging activites such as ones you can get online to print for free to get their attention.

If the printables are posters, they will get their attention with the colourful illustrations on them, if the printables are worksheets it can get their attention because of the fun activity it will engage them with.

There are so many activities that can draw the attention of a distracted child’s mind that you can get from printable resources, there are fill in the blank spaces, trace the drawing, games, etc.

Although, printables are important to use, we know it is not possible to always use them in the classroom, because of school budgets and such (printing is a bit expensive), you don’t have to use them for every lesson, only for lessons that you think it will be relevant, and when you as a teacher need to use them for your self-improvement.

There are so many uses for printable teaching resources in Nigeria, we have only just chipped at the surface. Saving you time, easing your work and engaging students are just general uses for them, there are a limitless number of printables you can find online, that are designed and created to serve a specific purpose. Check this one out, it is a printable for a scavenger hunt suitable for learning.

And did you know, printables are not limited to teachers or the educational sector? Online printable resources can be found anywhere for any job, for example, there are printable patterns for those who have sewing kits. They can print them and trace the patterns on fabric, to cut and sew into beautiful clothes.  So they are very useful in many ways.

Get Printable Lesson Plans

As a teacher, it is imperative you have a lesson plan, it is vital for your day to day chores at school and in the classroom, you can read up hints on writing the perfect lesson plan online.

Among the many teaching resources that every teacher needs to attach themselves with, the lesson plan is one of those high up on the list, thankfully, there are templates for those too and you can download them online.

It saves you time to have to create it from scratch, and a lot of research has gone into creating some of the lesson plan templates you are going to find, so you will find they have quality information and value.

Posted On: 25 September, 2020