How To Find The Best Teaching Tools In Nigeria

Are You Looking For Teaching Tools You Can Use?

A teacher looking at her laptop possibly searching for teaching tools online

The teaching profession uses some tools and resources that enable teachers in Nigeria to be efficient and to help them carry out their duties effectively.

There are numerous places to find teaching tools, but you have to start with the different types of teaching tools we have, as there are tools for different purposes.

For instance, there are online tools that any teacher can have access to by connecting to the internet. These tools are usually apps or software, educational websites, printable resources, and so on.


There are other types of tools that are usually provided by the school management such as whiteboards and markers, school registries and such, those can easily be acquired from the market.

To get individualized teaching tools, one has to do some research to find the best fit for themselves. Personalizing your teaching tools is a good way to stay motivated and avoid burning out. Teaching easily saps off energy, but with the right tools they can help you stay effective and avoid that crisis.

Most of the teaching tools today are usually technology driven, from VR headsets to educational apps for kids and printable teaching resources for teachers. Most of them can be found online, which is where you should start your quest from for teaching tools in Nigeria.

To maintain a teaching life, you are going to need lots of learning and teaching tools, and you have to stay regularly updated about the latest relevant tools, here are some hints to help you find them.

1. Regularly Check Educational Websites

The best source of information for teachers is educational websites. They provide you with educational news in Nigeria and keep you informed on the latest trending teaching tools.

You will be the first to know about a Software app that helps teachers organize their classes and sort assignments if you check these sites regularly.

Besides information, most of them provide free resources for teachers to use, which could either help them with regards to their students or help them become better teachers.

They give teachers hints, tips and solutions to school problems they may encounter.

2. Join Teaching Groups On Social Media

It is often hotly debated if Social media is good or bad, whether it is a complete waste of time to indulge in using it or whether there is a good reason to join?

We would say there is a plus to using social media, if you have an account with any of the popular social media networks, such as Facebook and Instagram, you can check out Groups or communities where it is teachers trying to help other teachers with information on tools and resources and other useful updates on the teaching profession.

You find that instead of wasting time doing other things on social media you are engaged with things that will actually benefit you.

Social updates from the groups often include resources for teachers, general news on the current status of education and best of all, advice from other teachers.

Getting advice from other teachers can save you a lot of trouble, one can find tips on what works best, and how they can overcome a problem from the discussions.

And as it is a discussion forum, you can also pitch in your questions about anything you want to know more about.

3. Watch YouTube Videos

YouTube videos cover almost all topics you can think of, including education. Educational videos are not only just learning videos because there are many that are not, for example introductions to using teaching tools, or how to use them.

The visual context of YouTube also helps a lot, because in most instances it is better to see how the tool looks like and be shown how it is used in a video than just reading about its manual.

You can find YouTube channels that deal with the topics of education and teaching in Nigeria and learn from them.

YouTube has thousands of instructional videos that will help you understand the use of any online teaching tools, and if you need explanation for a certain concept, maybe in education or maybe related to your teaching subject, you can also find them on YouTube in the form of TEDx videos and millions of others like it.

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Posted On: 24 August, 2020