African Leadership Centre (ALC) Peace, Security and Development Fellowship 2019 for African Scholars (fully-funded)
Apply before 30.04.2019

The African Leadership Centre (ALC) is accepting applications for the Peace, Security and Development Fellowship for African Scholars starting in September 2019. The programme seeks to nurture junior African Scholars interested in pursuing careers in peace and security, and to equip them with the skills necessary to achieve this.
This Fellowship covers an 18-month period, comprising a rigorous training and research programme on peace, security and development, which includes a 12-Month MSc programme at King’s College London and a six-month attachment to an African University to undertake an independent research project. The Fellowship programme is designed to expose junior African scholars to the complexities of security and development issues facing the African continent.
An essential component of the Fellowship experience consists of attaching the Fellows to Universities in Africa that run programs in the areas of development, peace and security; and where Fellows participate in teaching and research. The programme seeks to contribute to building academic expertise on peace and security that is grounded in the pursuit of excellence and integrity. Funding for this initiative is provided by the Carnegie Corporation of New York.

The Programme is divided into two phases:
1. The first phase consists of a 12-month training programme based at King’s College London. This phase consists of full-time study for the MSc Security, Leadership and Society at the ALC, King’s College London as well as mentoring sessions on Peace and Security, Leadership and Development, delivered by a network of renowned experts on these issues. During this period, the Fellows study and visit various global institutions working in the field of peace and security. Fellows also participate in a simulation seminar, by responding to mock conflict management situations based on a current event, in a public presentation.
2. For the second phase, Fellows are attached to select partner universities in Africa, for a period of 6 months. During this time Fellows work as faculty members and/or researchers within these institutions, and contribute to academic and policy research among other activities. This phase is designed to encourage the dissemination and exchange of ideas on the issues that were studied during the first phase of the program. In addition, during this phase Fellows will spend time at the ALC in Nairobi for short periods where they will be required to undertake research and deliver research papers on peace, security and development in Africa.
This is a fully funded opportunity, not including any visa application and processing costs. Funds will be made available to cover tuition, subsistence in the UK and Africa, accommodation, research-related costs, and all travel expenses related to the programme. 1 However, successful applicants are expected to find their own accommodation both in the UK and Africa. In the UK successful candidates will be able to apply for University of London accommodation, and they can also make their own accommodation arrangements. Candidates are strongly advised to make all necessary accommodation arrangements well in advance of taking up their positions at King’s College London.
• Candidates must have citizenship in an African country. Successful candidates must hold valid travel documents prior to acceptance.
• The competition is open ONLY to junior faculty members based in universities in Africa from departments of political science; international relations; history; law; development studies; peace; security and conflict studies, and related departments.
• Candidates need to demonstrate an interest in pursuing careers in the field of peace, security and development. Previous study or engagement with the issues of security and development is not required. However, candidates must demonstrate a basic familiarity with these issues.
• Candidates must additionally be able to demonstrate capacity to undertake research on issues relating to peace and security in Africa. Successful candidates will be attached to a Research Cluster where they will work with ALC Research Associates and Senior Research Fellows to undertake research on select aspects of the ALC Research Agenda on “Peace, Society and the State in Africa”.
• Candidates will be expected to have a clear plan on how to utilise knowledge gained in the Fellowship upon returning to their countries and academic institutions.
• Candidates must be fluent in spoken and written English.
• Candidates must be able to demonstrate the following values during the application phase: Independent thinking; Integrity; Pursuit of excellence; and respect for diversity in all its forms.
Applicants to the Fellowship Programme must make individual successful applications to the MSc Security, Leadership and Society at King’s College London by 23:59 hrs, 30 April 2019.
The MSc is a separate but parallel application procedure handled by King’s College London, rather than ALC. To be accepted on to the Fellowship, applicants must be accepted on both the MSc programme by King’s and the Fellowship Programme by ALC.