Why Edufirst TV Is Vital to Improving Your Child’s Education During The Lockdown

By Hafiz Mahmud

Why Edufirst TV Is Vital to Improving Your Child's Education During the Lockdown


A few weeks ago, the Nigerian Government decided the best course of action to curb the pandemic of the COVID-19 virus is to close down schools and other public enterprises, and it has been in effect ever since. While learning in schools has been majorly affected, it doesn’t mean the end, there’s a chance you can help your child improve on their education.


An intervention program was recently launched by Skool Media Limited to help the students get back on their feet and stay sharp and focused on school learning activities. Each day, a topic is treated by a professional teacher, the lesson is created in the form of a video lesson and it is uploaded on our official YouTube channel Edufirst TV.

The program has been applauded by many parents and students alike, and if you have not joined yet, here are a few reasons why using this platform can improve your child’s education.

  1. We Keep Our Distances

Since we can’t really learn in classrooms, the only other option is by learning online, and Edufirst TV provides us with the right medium to do just that. Learning with Edufirst TV is learning from a distance, which is in accordance with the NCDC directives to avoid close contact whenever possible.

All you need is an internet connection and a device, either a laptop or smartphone, to set up this virtual classroom for your child at home. It doesn’t take much.

2. Keeps Them Busy

We all know how restless and bored kids can be if they have nothing to do. Staying away from school for this long period of time can have a detrimental effect on their overall academic progress, which is why this online learning platform is a good place to give them something to challenge their intellect.

It is ideal for keeping them busy during this time, and it will help them to keep up with their studies from where they left off at school.

3. It Follows The Approved School Curriculum

The lessons from Edufirst TV are carefully curated by teachers and a group of educationists based on the approved government school curriculum, as stipulated by the National Education Research Development Council (NERDC).

So, not only is your child going to learn using some of the best methods available, they will be learning using the standardized and accredited scheme of work and curriculum.

4. Interactive Class Sessions And Teachers

The Skool Media learning program uses a virtual learning platform/app called Edmodo to conduct its classes. Students from all around Nigeria can join. You have classes for JSS students, and for SS1 to SS3 students, for both science, commercial and art.

The classes have interactive sessions where the teachers are asked questions and they answer them. There is a comment section in every post on Edmodo where students can ask about anything they don’t understand, either the teacher or fellow students can help them out in that regard.


And also, assignments are given at the end of each lesson, therefore, ensuring that the students understood what they just learned after watching the lessons. So, it’s like your regular classroom, but with hundreds of members.

You can start the lessons with your child by visiting our official YouTube page Edufirst TV. For instructions on how to start the classes, follow this Telegram link for more details.

Posted On: 27 April, 2020