How To Check Your WAEC Result Using The WAEC Result Checker In 2021

Checking Your WAEC Result In 2021

How To Check Your WAEC Result Using The WAEC Result Checker In 2021

WAEC is just around the corner, starting August, students in Nigeria will embark on the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE). After which the result of their performance will be out and ready to be viewed by the candidates. This can be accessed using the WAEC result checker.


You can easily check your WAEC result using this portal known as the WAEC result checker, and it can be found on one of WAEC’s official websites waecdirect.org. When students visit the website, they will be able to check their results by filling out the necessary details.

There are a few requirements that one needs before they can check their WAEC results, these requirements include the WAEC scratch card and exam number.

Here is a detailed description of how to check the WAEC result, by using or accessing the WAEC result checker.

How To Check 2021 WAEC Result

1. The first step is to visit the portal waecdirect.org using a mobile device or a computer. You will need to connect to the internet for this.

2. On the homepage, you will see blank fields to fill, they are as follows; Examination number, Exam year, Exam type, PIN, and serial number. You have to fill each one of them.

3. Enter your 10 digit WAEC Examination number. This is a 7 digit center number followed by a 3 digit candidate number.

4. Select your exam year, for example, 2021.

5. Next, you select your exam type, this is usually between PRIVATE CANDIDATE RESULTS and SCHOOL CANDIDATE RESULTS. If you registered for WASSCE as a private candidate you choose the first choice, if you registered as a school candidate you pick the second choice.

6. Enter your e-pin voucher number from your WAEC scratch card. That is the number that will reveal itself after you scratch off the silver panel at the back of the WAEC scratch card.

7. Enter the serial number on your scratch card.

8. Click on the SUBMIT button. After loading for a few seconds a window will pop up with your WAEC results.

The job of the WAEC result checker is done. You can access your 2021 WAEC result anytime you want, even if it’s years later, you just have to select the year of the exams when filling the WAEC result checker and it will provide you with the appropriate results.

You can also print the result, the portal has a small print icon on the page, when you click on it it will prompt you to PRINT your WAEC result from the computer or mobile device.

Tips For Getting Your WAEC Result Without Any Hitch

In order to avoid any complications, it is recommended you follow up-to-date WAEC news, that way, you will be aware of any changes early on about the WAEC exam and prepare for it accordingly.

If you keep up with WAEC news you will be aware of when the WAEC result is out so that you can check using the WAEC Result Checker.

You can sign up for newsletters of educational blogs that pass on relevant and genuine information, such as myschoolgist.com and edufirst.ng. And also, watch the news because WAEC always publicizes its announcements in the media.

Keep in mind that having a good internet connection will improve your chances of success when using the WAEC result checker to check your result since it is a web page.

If there is too much traffic on the website, you can wait to try again later, keep trying at intervals until it works.

Another vital thing is acquiring a WAEC scratch card, make sure you have one at hand before the result is out, otherwise, you will have to buy it at the nearest WAEC office or through WAEC scratch card vendors. It is possible to buy the scratch card online, services such as JumiaPay sell the WAEC scratch card on their platform.

Some schools or WAEC centers often give the scratch card along with a person’s WAEC registration credentials. You can use the scratch card a total of five times, after that you will have to buy another one to be able to check your result.

The portal of the WAEC result checker is always open and available to anyone who wants to check their result. Before using the WAEC result checker, make sure you cross-check your details to see if they are correct before inputting them.

With this, you should be able to check your WAEC result without a hitch, and we wish candidates good luck on their WAEC exams.


Posted On: 3 June, 2021