7 Tips To Help You Improve Your kids Academic Performance Through E-learning

E-learning For Kids – Tips For Parents Teaching Their Children At Home

7 tips To help you Improve Your Child's Academic Performance Through E-learning

Learning can be said to have split into two main parts, one involves physically attending school and classes, and the other is online learning, whereby the teachers and learning materials or tools are all virtual and can be accessed via a computer or smartphone device, also known as e-learning.


E-learning for kids allows children to learn their favorite topics from the comfort of their homes, it allows them to study at any time of day. E-learning in Nigeria has become the norm in our technology-driven life, kids have access to tablets and smartphones, sometimes even, their assignments require them to connect online to do them.

As parents, you have to make sure that your child is receiving the best education, and fixing them up with the right e-learning program can be just what they need. They get to learn from home while you keep an eye on them. But it is easier said than done.

In this article, we have put together some e-learning tips for parents.

1. Create a learning space

Learning from home can be a challenge due to the many distractions afforded by the home. Phones, video games, computer games, TV shows, friends, siblings, etc. There are so many distractions that can lead to the child not focusing on their lesson.

That is why you need to create a learning space for the child. It can be anywhere, your home office desk, dining table, or their bedroom (if there isn’t anything to distract them there).

A place you specifically designated for learning will help their psychology to adjust and remain focused for the duration of the online lesson.

2. Find ways to motivate them

Another great challenge with eLearning for kids is keeping them motivated. Many people abandon after the first few lessons. You can imagine how hard it is for the kids to wake up every day for online lessons. It is even harder for the parents to prod them into starting their eLearning courses, every day.

You have to find a way, find an angle, to keep them motivated to stay the course no matter what. Especially the younger ones, they will need to be constantly persuaded to get on with their eLearning lessons.

3. Stick to a time

It is important to stick to a particular time of day you do your lessons. One of the advantages of doing that is your child will get used to it and make it a habit for themselves.

Also, it will prepare their minds for learning that same time every day because they are expecting to be taught.

Lessons in the mornings are good for the child, but not too early for younger ones, like toddlers and pre-nursery kids. If the e-learning is for after school hours, then in the afternoon after they have eaten and rested might be best.

Once they get used to the time for their eLearning courses, you will find that it becomes less of a struggle to get them to start.

4. Choose the right platform

When you want to pick an e-learning platform for your child you have to consider a few things, one of which is the rating it got from other parents.

Before you download or sign up for an e-learning platform check to see if it is highly recommended by parents and teachers alike, if not, you will most likely end up scrapping it for a better one, which is a considerable waste of time on its own.

Choose a platform that will keep them motivated, and engage them. Lessons that include some form of gamification in the package are better because it will engage them. That includes quizzes, tests, badges, etc.

There are many e-learning platforms in Nigeria, very good ones. Locally developed to suit our educational needs. Choose anyone you think will be great for your child and beneficial in the long run.

5. Take breaks

This may seem counterintuitive at first, but taking a short break between lessons might just be what they need to recoup and revitalise their brain cells.

Always take short breaks between lessons, it helps break the monotony of sitting in one place trying to understand Maths or English. It will make a child more productive when they return to their e-learning course.

E-learning programs don’t have a specifically start or stop time, it is mostly up to the parents to figure out when their child is tired, and when they need to take a break. Paying attention to the needs of the child enhances e-learning for kids.


6. Personalize

Try to personalize the experience for them. When choosing an e-learning for kids platform, pick something that best suits your child’s needs. As a parent, you know your child best.

A one-size-fits-all cannot be as effective as a custom app, specific to treat the learning needs of your child.

Perhaps they are challenged to learn, and have a learning disability, you are in a position to find what works for them. Although most often than not, it is the schools that provide the e learning platforms for their students, so you may not have a lot of choices when it comes to personalizing it for your child, but when you do have a choice, try to personalize it.

7. Get an online tutor

Teaching children is a full-time job remember, parents may not be equipped to teach a primary four student Maths or to teach geography to an SS2 student. You may need help with that.

Getting a tutor will lessen the work for you and place your child in the hands of a professional in that subject. Just like their e-learning platform, you can get tutors online in Nigeria. If you are looking for a tutor near you, you can try tutorial websites such as superprof or tuteria, they have thousands of tutors located in every state in Nigeria.

They can teach the child through video lessons via Skype, Zoom, or on any other similar video chat platform. And the child can even download learning materials from their tutors to read and practice later.

Online tutors will lift a heavy burden from your shoulders, they will provide motivation and engagement as the child will be learning from a real person, they are of great assistance when it comes to e learning for kids.

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Posted On: 26 October, 2020