Technology is one essential need and is of much importance due to the age and time we have found ourselves in as well as the future we are yet to face. The word technology is the practice of scientific knowledge through gadgets. While learning on the other hand, is a means of acquiring knowledge. The use of technology while learning brings out a positive outcome and its impacts, very numerous.

Its impacts on learning

First, technology usage in secondary schools and tertiary institutions enables the students to view practical work on laptops and desktops which may seem fun and interesting mostly to students in the secondary level.

Furthermore, technology can also be used to research some important things on the internet and some topics on the school curriculum that the teachers or lecturers might have not covered. Basically, students tend to have that mentality that learning, in other words, copying notes and explanations are boring and so they might not show interest which would possibly lead to poor performance. But with the aid of technological devices and their first sights at projectors, laptops, desktops and electrical gadgets, the zest and excitement will definitely be there.

To clarify, students are also bound to remember things they see rather than things they hear or write about and so with the aid of technology, students will be open to watch educational videos which would be at the peak of their brains for assessment purposes.

Its impact on teaching.

Simply put, teachers are bound to explain deeply when they are certain that their students are practicalizing and understanding the particular topic with the aid of technology.

In essence, teachers can also get ideas and scribble down some notes from the internet. Teaching is made easy when the students are in eco- friendly environment for learning and teaching as well. Science says that, “in the nearest future, most of our industries, banks institutions and schools are going to be operated mostly by technological devices than humans” and so in order to curb this mentality, we have to get the idea so much that we can operate these devices with so much ease and this can only be acquired through learning.

Though, technology has its disadvantages, its numerous advantages are going to be of help to students who are willing to acquire more knowledge and teachers who are willing to succeed in their careers. And I just feel that if we, the students decide to settle down and quit dilly-dally around and face embrace technology fully, we could achieve a lot with our lives and eventually make the world a better place to live in.

 Torhee Ellen Lian’ana 

S.S. 3E

FGGC, Bwari


Posted On: 16 November, 2018