Article: What you should know about technology and it’s impact on teaching and learning

what you should know about technology and its impact on learning

Technology has been in existence way before the 19th century but became advanced in the 19th century.  Some of the technology investors are Charles Babbage, Mark Zuckerberg who invented computers and Facebook respectively. These men amongst others have been able to change the world positively and add things that is used to enhance human living. Technology focuses more on analysis and synthesis of design. Technology is all about processes. Technology requires a myriad of skills, including design, construction, testing, quality assurance and problem solving. Technology has different branches like mechanical engineering, mass communication, etc.



Technology has changed the world and brought about gross development to so many countries. Its impact can be felt not only in teaching and learning but in all facets of life. When we look around, we see technology everywhere, ranging from our mobile phones to television, to computers, etc., but for the purpose of this paper, we shall limit our scope to its effect on teaching and learning.

Technology gives an unlimited access to learning opportunities. It is now easier for students to share information and what they have learnt in class with other students around the globe. They are able to share ideas thereby increasing their knowledge education-wise. Students now have access to search engines like Google and wiki where they can have access to information from all around the world.

Technology aims at creating solutions to meet the needs of people. In schools, technology has been introduced in teaching subjects. For example, in the various classrooms at Federal Government Girls College Sagamu, projectors are being put in place to aid teachers and make the class more interesting as students get to see images on what the teacher is talking about. Education tablets were issued to students for E-reading. We are talking about facilities like solar in the dining hostels, boreholes, etc.


Technology can be used to express feelings. It makes teaching easier and faster for the teachers. Instead of using chalks or even whiteboard markers which is a waste of energy, technology has provided us with projectors to make teaching and learning easier. The teachers do not have to write on boards, clean then when they get to another class they begin to re-write again what they have written in another class, all they do is just to put their lesson notes in flash drives or on their personal laptops and then use the projectors in the classrooms to display what they have for the students. These projectors give room for better explanation of some of the basic subjects and the students tend to understand better what they are being taught.

The classroom has become more lively and interesting as students have been provided with new ways of learning and communicating through the use of technology. Students don’t longer find their classroom environment boring any longer.


Azubuko Nmesoma



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Posted On: 8 April, 2019