Taking Advantage Of Google Classroom On Mobile

How To Get The Best Out Of Google Classroom Using Mobile Devices

Taking Advantage Of Google Classroom On Mobile

According to Wikipedia, Google Classroom is a free web service developed by Google for schools that aim to simplify creating, distributing and grading assignments.

Google Classroom is a virtual classroom that aims to create an easier and simpler way for teachers and students to learn, teach, give and take assignments online. Google Classroom can also be referred to as a Learning Management System (LMS).

It is one of the many tools that make virtual and remote learning, not just possible, but also simpler. The classroom app made it easier for students to learn without being present in a physical classroom.


Most of the world relies more and more on mobile phones. On the 12th of August, 2014, Google launched the Mobile application of the Google Classrooms web service.

The Google classroom app allows teachers and students to interact with the service from their mobile devices.

In order to take advantage of the Google Classroom app and get the best of it from your mobile device, here are some things you should consider doing:

1.   Download the Google Classroom application

In order to take full advantage of Google classroom on your mobile device, you must first download the app. The Google classroom app is available for download on android and IOS stores. However, it is not yet available for Windows devices.

You can install the Google Classroom app on Android by following the steps below:

Step1: First, you have to ensure your device is at least an android 4.4 KitKat or a later version to enable you to get the latest version of the app and get the best out of the Google Classroom application.

Step2: Go to Google Play Store on your device.

Step 3: Search and install the Google Classroom app.

(It’s also a similar process to download the Google Classroom app on your Apple device). The steps to download on iOS is as seen below.

Step1: Ensure your device has the iOS 11 or a later version to enable you to get the Google Classroom application.

Step2: Go to the App Store on your Apple device.

Step3: Find and install the Google Classroom app.

2.   Launch And Get Started With The Google Classroom App

For you to take complete advantage of the Google Classroom Application, you have to launch and begin using the app either as a teacher or a student.

Step1: Launch the app and tap sign in at the bottom of the screen.

Step2: Log in with your preferred account, either via a personal Gmail account or a ‘Google for Education’ account.

Step3: Once you are logged in, Google will show you a few slides concerning the classroom. You can decide to go through with these slides or just skip them.

Step4: You can also find your list of classes just like you would in the web version of Google Classroom.

3.   Download Other Google Applications

To get the best out of your Google Classroom app and to enjoy all of its features, you will need to download other Google applications.

There is a need to download Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides. You also have to download the Google Meet app, Google’s video conferencing app, to help you create or join a class video meeting via the Google Classroom application.

To view and send files, you will need the Google Drive app. These applications need to be installed on your device to enable you to get the best out of Google Classroom. They can easily be downloaded on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

However, if you already have any of these apps installed on your device then you do not have to download them again.

4.   Taking Advantage Of The Google Classroom App As A Teacher

The Google Classroom app allows teachers to create a class and share the link or the code with their students. From their mobile devices, teachers have the ability to reset or disable the class code.

By simply tapping on their phones, teachers can also view their students’ assignments and attached files via the application, they can monitor the progress of their students and confirm whether or not their students are done with assignments or assessments.

Teachers can also contact their students using the application by posting announcements and comments or by sending emails to their students.


5.   Taking advantage of The  Google Classroom App As A Student

As a student, The Google Classroom app provides easy access to remote education for students in Nigeria. The students can use the application to complete and turn-in assignments from their mobile devices and join classes using either a class code, link, or an email invite provided by the teacher.

Students have the means to communicate with their teachers or other students by posting to the class stream. Furthermore, they can also attach Google Docs and other files to their assignments via the classroom app.

The Google classroom app also has a built-in assignment planner to help students keep records of their assignments and help them turn in assignments on time.


Mobile technology has made it possible for people to carry their own little computers in the form of smartphones wherever they go. The use of Edtech has also made it possible to access learning and education virtually without ever needing to go to a physical or onsite location.

The Google Classroom app takes advantage of these two technologies to enable learners and tutors to continue learning straight from their mobile devices. To get started and to take full advantage of the Google Classroom app, you first have to download it either on your android or apple app store, launch it, then sign in and proceed to either join or create a class.

Google Classroom app has made learning, giving and submitting assignments, as well as grading from your mobile devices an easy and seamless process.


Posted On: 29 December, 2020