Take Advantage Of IELTS Exams – See these 7 Reasons Why You Should Take It

Why IELTS Exams Is Required To Study Abroad

Take Advantage Of IELTS Exams – See these 7 Reasons Why You Should Take It

The Acronym IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. It is an exam that helps to determine your knowledge and skills in English.

Passing your IELTS exam can help you achieve several goals that require you to move abroad or school in any English-speaking country around the world. Several tertiary institutions and organizations around the globe require that you have a certain IELTS score before you can be accepted.


This is because a good score proves that you will have no difficulty interacting or communicating in an English-speaking environment. However, if you are still in doubt concerning IELTS, here are 7 Reasons why you should take the IELTS exams in Nigeria:

1.   It Is Acceptable Around The World

The IELTS Exam is the world’s most popular English language test. It tests your skills, understanding, and knowledge of the English language.

It is widely acceptable and available around the world. Several countries and organizations trust the IELTS and recognize the results obtained from the exam.

It is the most popular exam taken by emigrants from Nigeria and students looking to study in English speaking countries around the globe. The IELTS test is available in 900 British council accredited offices around the world.

2.   It Enhances Your Career Goals

If you intend to further your career by working or studying abroad, it is essential for you to take the IELTS Exams. The exam is recognized worldwide by over 9,000 professional organizations.

Having a great IELTS score shows that you can easily work or study in any English-speaking environment around the globe. It’s also a very attractive feature or part of your C.V or resume.

If you intend to further your career internationally, a good result on your IELTS certificate can help you achieve this goal.

In countries like the United Kingdom, passing the IELTS Academic test grants you the entitlement to use your qualifications titles such as Doctor, Prof., or Engr. This means that you will be granted recognition for your profession.

3.  The IELTS Exams Can Help You Further Your Education Abroad

Several tertiary institutions abroad require you to have a great result in your IELTS exams before being considered for admission.

The IELTS exams are necessary if you intend to further your education in an English-speaking country whether for an undergraduate, below undergraduate or postgraduate degree. The score you get on your IELTS Exams will determine your ability to get into certain academic institutions around the globe.

Several Institutions in English speaking countries around the world have a certain score as their criteria. This simply means that if you do not meet this score, it is advisable you retake the IELTS exam.

4.   The Better The Results, The More Schools Are Willing To Accept You

The IELTS exam does not have a pass or fail system for grading. Rather than using one, they use a 9-point band system that is acceptable all around the world.

The 9-grade system simply tells whether you passed or failed. However, several academic Institutions still require that you have a certain score. Some schools require you to have 6 or 5 before being considered for admission into the school.

The IELTS is recognized and trusted globally so you can be certain that the results of your exams reflect your true understanding and proficiency in the English language.

5.   It Covers Both British And American English

There are several variations of the English language around the globe. This is often determined by accents, pronunciation, and variations in spelling.

The two most popular are British and American English. The IELTS covers and recognizes both British and American English. It does not matter your environment, the IELTS will recognize if you use British or American language. You do not have to pick one over the other.

Whether you want to study or work in Canada, United Kingdom, The United States, Australia, or New Zealand, the IELTS covers them all. It trains your ears to recognize various accents of the English language in each of these countries.

A simple yet helpful solution to some of the headaches non-native English speakers face, when writing English tests.

6.   It Aids Your Visa Acquisition

Passing your IELTS Exams can aid your Visa acquisition process. If you intend to get a visa to work or study abroad a good score on your IELTS certificate is a major step.

This is because it provides proof that you are capable of learning and communicating in an English-speaking environment. Several countries around the globe have a minimum score before you can be granted a visa.

Countries such as The United Kingdom require applicants to score at least 6.5 in their IELTS Exams before they can be considered.

While in Canada, candidates simply need to check with the organization or institution of learning they are applying for.

The minimum score for each country is dependent on your chosen occupation or the academic degree you intend to pursue.

7.   It Aids Your Emigration Pursuits

If you have plans of leaving your country and moving to another country, it will be wise to take the IELTS Exams.

The IELTS Exams is proof of your proficiency and skill in the English language. Governments around the globe use it as a means or determinant in the process of obtaining their citizenship or right to permanent residence.

Passing the IELTS exam proves that you will be able to easily communicate and relate to people either in work or social settings in any English-speaking country.


IELTS is one of the most popular exams around the world amongst international applicants. It is often required by institutions and organizations from applicants as proof of their ability to communicate in an environment where the English language is the main language of communication.

Passing the exam is required for both migration and education purposes abroad. It is important to take the exam because it aids in your Visa acquisition process. It is also accepted and available worldwide.

The IELTS exam is trusted around the globe so you can be certain that your result gives the right representation of your skills in English language.

Posted On: 3 March, 2021