Safe App: Check out this emergency alert system designed for mobile

All across the world, security and the safety of citizens especially in schools and institutions of learning has or is thought to be the sole responsibility of any responsible government, however with the recent acts of terrorism, kidnapping and violence among the vulnerable in our community especially in Africa and Nigeria security is now everybody’s business.


The Safe App is designed to be an emergency alert system installed on a mobile device or tablet.

In a case of an emergency or an intending attack or a violent situation, a student simply taps on a red panic alert button for 3 seconds, this automatically sends a signal to the relevant police authority, the school community, the parents, guardian or next of kin notifying them with the exact location of the mobile device, as well as the kind of situation he or she is in if time permits without having to send their specific address or say anything which might be audible to the attacker.


Some Functionalities of the Safe App:

– Alert triggered to get to at least 3 different persons. (1) To the school authority, (2) to the police or relevant enforcement agency (2) to Emergency response and also the possibility of sending text message to specific phone numbers too.
– A well detailed data storage / log (Identity, time, place, needed action to take, recipient & etc.
– Space to type the kind of emergency if time permits where necessary, for easy understanding and response approach.
– Measures to minimize possible false alert, either by long press or clicking twice.


Posted On: 26 January, 2018