5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Google Classroom App For Your Child At Home

Google Classroom Is Paving The Way For Easier Home Lessons

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Google Classroom App For Your Child At Home

Seems like a century ago when we all used blackboards and whiteboards to teach our children, both for learning at school and home tutoring. Now there are learning apps in Nigeria that simplify things. Google Classroom is one of them.

Google classroom app was developed by Google to help teachers and schools connect with learners by providing them with teaching solutions. The Google Classroom app can be downloaded onto a smartphone or tablet, and its main function is to create lessons for learners, it can also be used to teach them remotely.

It is an educational tool like no other because of its seamless interaction with other Google apps such as Google Docs, Slide, and Drive. So that students can create documents and create slide presentations easily from their classroom app. The Google Classroom app is mostly seen as a tool for educators to create lessons only at school, but the potential of the app is far-reaching and can be used at home.

Here, we will be looking at some of the ways parents in Nigeria can tap into the potential of the Google Classroom app for home teaching. There are many reasons why parents may want to opt for this educational solution, perhaps they don’t have the means to pay for a tutor or they made the decision not to pay for one, and instead, they tutor their child at home themselves if they have the time.


Or perhaps, it is because it is easier to connect with faraway private home teachers using a remote teaching app. In any case, here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider the Google classroom app for teaching your kids at home.

1. It Is Free To Use

Of course, it has to be. Especially when it is one of Google’s products. You can use the Google classroom app for free, as an educator, a teacher, a school administrator, and as a parent. There are no limits to the amount of time you can use this service. With an offer like this, who can refuse?

Most educational apps offer their services or some part of their services for free, but of the free ones, the Google classroom app seems to be the best choice for most learners. Those studying at home can use it anytime they want without any charges. All they need is internet connectivity.

Google classroom download is done via play store. You can install it on your child’s tablet to begin lessons.

2. Children Can Do Assignments On-The-Go

And they can do so many other things too, on mobile. It is a must-have for educational apps now to enable users to do things on-the-go. On the Google Classroom app, your kids can do their assignments anywhere, it is convenient, in the sense that they don’t have to hassle for countless practice books and notebooks in order to start doing their assignments.

Instead, they do their homework whenever they are free and in possession of their mobile device, and since they are always with their mobile devices or tablets, we imagine this wouldn’t be a problem.

The Google classroom app has many features you can use to teach your child at home, and with its mobile-friendly feature, you can get a lot done even when you are on the move. For example, when you are in transit, you can put together a simple assignment for them to work on before you return home.

3. Organization

It is essential to have the ability to organise your lesson plans, subjects, and topics, and have a goal for studying, that way, students can learn faster and more effectively. The Google Classroom app enables users to have just that, it is extremely organized, and allows you to organize your lessons, assignments, assessments, tests and quizzes, topics, and so forth.

It makes learning very efficient, and suitable for children who are being taught at home.

Lesson plans allow you as their home teacher to have a learning goal for the kids. For instance, you can have your kids memorise and understand the periodic table, set a time you want them to achieve that goal and set your lesson plans to reflect that goal. Organization is key to success in teaching.

The Google classroom app will help tremendously with the sort of organization you need. Because of the app’s organizational feature, it is perhaps one of the best out-of-school learning tools to help your kids study at home.

4. It Makes Distance Learning Possible

We are slowly getting out of the pandemic, during which period all our kids had to study from home. The result was, teachers and parents were using apps and online learning tools to connect the learners with their teachers.

Apps like Google classroom made it possible for learners to connect with teachers, no matter the distance. It made it possible for them to continue learning despite the lockdown caused by the pandemic.

They can share files, do assignments, participate socially in an online class environment and chat with their fellow colleagues.

In a situation where we are not plagued by the virus anymore, it is still possible to use the Google classroom app as an online learning tool. Parents who made the choice to employ the help of online tutors can use the Google Classroom app as a learning tool, to connect their child with the online tutor.

5. You Command A Wide Array Of G-Suite Tools

With the Google Classroom app, you have the ability to seamlessly integrate it with other Google apps, such as Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Sheets. Every one of these apps can function in tandem with the Google classroom app.

It is of great advantage to have these tools all integrated into one single app, if anything, it helps you the parent, to organize and save time when teaching your kids at home.


Posted On: 16 December, 2020