5 Tips for Parents Whose Kids Are Learning Online

Ways Parents can help their kids learn better online

5 Tips for Parents Whose Kids Are Learning Online

Since the lockdown began, lots of parents have resorted to having their kids learning online, I guess your kids have keyed in too.

However, if you want to get the best results from their stay-at-home lessons, you might want to check out these tips.


They are especially curated for parents whose kids are learning online and for Parents who have sent us mails asking questions like, how can I teach my child online? Is online teaching easy? and How can my kids learn at home for free?

Here it goes.

  1. Follow A Regular Timetable

There is no studying without a timetable. Without a timetable, Kids are likely to be learning many different subjects online at the same time.

Be it English Language, Literature, Physics or Biology, the timetable helps them (and you) to keep track of what they are doing.

It also enables you to match pace in every subject that they are studying. So, if today was Mathematics, tomorrow could be Commerce, and the day after could be Government and so on. That way, each subject is treated equally and there would not be a single day they will find boring.

Students will learn faster if they have a timetable even when studying at home, because it is one of the tools that enhance learning.

2. Learn Something New Everyday

Teach your kids every day. They must study every day to stay sharp and be able to cover as much of the syllabus they missed during this school blackout period.

Find learning activities and lessons to fill their time every day.

If your kids are Learning online for a few hours each day, I would say that is good enough, it does not have to be like the school roster where they learn for six (6) hours straight.


At home, an hour or two of study is okay.

On some days you can even let them off after a few minutes of studying, the point is to impress on them the importance of learning something new every day. So that they can get used to it.

3. Set A Specific Time for Studying

Like having a timetable, you will need to have a time fixed for studying, when there are fewer distractions and when the mind is fresh. The early morning is ideal for instance.

When the family is awake in the morning, you can begin lessons after breakfast or after a few chores. Select a time when everyone is less busy and when you can supervise them and handle their questions and comments concerning their subjects of study.

4. Avoid Distractions

Teaching your kids at home is no easy task since the TV, their games and mobile phones are all with them at home. However, when it is time for studying, you will have to avoid distractions at all costs.

As a parent, you will need to enforce a ‘No device’ policy. At least for the duration of each online learning sessions. They may come back to them during breaks and when they are finished with the lessons for the day.

5.Subscribe to a free online learning platform

There is currently a long list of free online learning platforms available for kids learning online.

You have the likes of khan academy, abcmouse.com early learning academy, and a host of others who have since opened their platforms to helping kids around the world access educational contents for free.

If you live in Nigeria and are looking for a free platform for your kids to learn online, then Edufirst TV is your best bet.

It is a YouTube channel containing hundreds of lessons on relevant school subjects, each lesson is a few minutes long in duration and is explained simply and using visual slides to aid the students learn better. And to top it all off, it follows the approved Nigerian school curriculum for secondary schools.

If you subscribe to the channel, your kids can learn from home without any hassle. There are assignments and activities to do after every video lesson, which they can submit via the Edmodo app. Visit the playlist link to find lessons based on the subject and the class of your children.

That is all we have today on tips regarding teaching your kids from home. Simple enough to follow and easy to remember. Well, we wish you luck with the home lessons.

Posted On: 18 June, 2020