IN THE SPIRIT ELECTIONS – A Charge to Nigerians

We are 10 days to the day we get to DECIDE WHO RULES NIGERIA NEXT!

On Tuesday, the National Orientation Agency (NOA) came together to synthesize Nigerians on the need not to sell their votes in the coming elections, saying it is priceless!

The Director General of the  NOA, Malam Garba Abari, in the North West sensitization campaign against vote-buying and selling, organized by the Agency in Kaduna said, “The incidence of vote-buying and selling has assumed an alarming dimension that it has become one of the greatest threats to the electoral process and capable of truncating democracy. It is in this concern that NOA is taking this campaign to curb the menace among politicians and electorates who are the major actor.”

Abari, Ably represented by Amina Elelu-Ahmed, mentioned that the NOA had deployed staff members to the 36 states to sensitize and educate Nigerians on these pressing issues which include; the challenge of void votes, peaceful conduct during the election and the problem of vote-buying.

“Remember, Section 124 of the Electoral Act 2010 has stipulated punishment for vote-buying and selling, as 12 months imprisonment or N100,000 fine or both.” The Resident Electoral Commissioner, Kaduna State, Abdullahi Kaugama said that the commission had taken necessary measures to minimizing communication between voters and buyers at polling stations. Fair right?

“Selling your vote for whatever amount is a great loss, selling your votes is selling your right, freedom and your future and that of your children; it is also selling the dividend of democracy for the next four years.” We implore that no matter what and no matter how much, DON’T SELL YOUR VOTE! It is time to make your thoughts and perspectives count! Deny the pleasures of an instant gratification and yearn for a more FUTURISTIC  VALUE!

“For an election to be credible, it has to be free, fair and peaceful; peacefully express your  views and reject the voices of those who call for violence.” – Barack Obama. Preserve your life; DON’T GET INVOLVED with fights and acts of vandalism! You were not made for such- to be their party dog and bulldozer, but you were MADE FOR MORE!!! – to be a great decision maker that made a part in history by voting the right choices ON HIS/HER OWN!

You have a choice of interest on the candidates, presidential or gubernatorial? VOTE THEM! Don’t get influenced or pushed; do what you know is right and

your peace. The NOA director general urged the electorates to deter from selling their votes. He also told politicians to refrain from the negative habit, emphasizing that the acts are punishable offences: “Remember, Section 124 of the Electoral Act 2010 has stipulated punishment for vote-buying and selling, as 12 months imprisonment or N100,000 fine or both.”

He also added measures that have been put in place to ensure a free and fair election: “no one would be allowed to go outside the polling booth; accreditation and voting will be simultaneously done. You cannot vote without your Permanent Voter Card and there will be no phone at the voting point”. He urged Nigerians to support the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) by abiding with the electoral rules so as to ensure free and fair elections.

This is Adenaike Ayomide telling you to vote FREE and FAIR, DON’T SELL YOUR VOTE and AVOID BEING A PARTY TO VIOLENCE!

Cheers to a better Nigeria, ONE STEP AT A TIME!

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Posted On: 6 February, 2019