9 Alternatives To Google Meet For Distance Learning

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9 Alternatives To Google Meet For Distance Learning

Distance learning allows teachers in Nigeria and learners to ensure continued education and learning virtually. It permits education irrespective of distance as learning goes on remotely.

Distance learning took center stage when the world was shaken by the coronavirus. Schools and other institutions of learning in Nigeria had to shut down in order to prevent the further spread of the virus. Learning and education were moved online via Edu-tech and video conferencing apps.


Video conferencing apps are preferred for distance learning because they encourage and make it possible for the tutor and learners to have real-time interactions despite not being physically present in the same room. Video conferencing makes it easier to teach and learn remotely.

One of the most popular video conferencing apps is Google Meet. However, if you are a tutor searching for an alternative to Google Meet, below is a list of 9 Google Meet alternatives.

1.    Join.me

Join.me is one of the best Google Meet alternatives for distance learning. Join.me allows tutors to connect with their students via video even when they are not physically in the same location.

It supports a large number of participants per meeting so tutors with a large number of learners will find Join.me a fine Google Meet alternative. Tutors can use the app to review documents, teach, display items such as a petri dish for scientific courses, and routines for abstract courses.

Join.me is incredibly simple and easy to use. Like Google Meet, it also has a screen sharing option. The only downside to the app is that it’s a paid tool.

2.    Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a video conferencing tool developed by Microsoft. Like all Microsoft products, it revels in quality and simplicity and allows tutors to collaborate with their learners over video.

It has features such as a custom background, chat features, and multiple channels. Microsoft Teams has two variants; a free one and a paid one. The free one, however, has some limitations. It only allows 50 participants at once. However, tutors with a small number of students will still find this largely satisfactory.

The paid variant, on the other hand, allows video conferencing with up to 250 participants. It’s also noteworthy to mention that Microsoft Teams provides its participants with good video quality.

3.    Cisco Webex Meeting

Cisco Webex Meeting is an intuitive video conferencing option for those who for one reason or the other are unable to use Google Meet.

It prides itself on being a simple platform with a modern design. Cisco Webex Meeting allows the user to host conferences on any device of their choice. Your learners don’t have to use a desktop or laptop.

With Cisco Webex, they can still connect with you even via a mobile phone. It allows learning across distances and produces a seamless and flexible video conferencing service.

4.    Skype for Business

Not to be confused with the video conferencing app Skype itself, Skype for Business was created with businesses in mind. It is perfect for tutors and learners that engage in virtual and online learning.

It allows for a high number of participants and promises secure transfers of files and data. Skype also has two variants; paid and free. The free variant supports up to 50 participants, but the paid version has a lot more features and supports up to 250 participants.

Skype for business is available both on desktop and mobile.

5.    Team Viewer

Team viewer is one of the Google Meet alternatives that boasts of being extremely easy to use. It provides quick and easy access within a simple structure.

Another quality that makes Team viewer so unique is its flexibility. Team viewer encourages video conferencing among a range of multiple devices. Desktop to laptop, laptop to mobile, mobile to mobile.

6.    Zoom

In Nigeria and many countries across the world, Zoom has quickly become one of the most popular options for ensuring continuous learning over long distances. The reason is not too hard to guess.

Zoom is shrouded in simplicity and makes it easy to connect with students online. It uses cloud services to ensure simple online meetings that also include group messaging. The easy-to-use platform also supports some features similar to Google Meet such as the chatbox and screen sharing.

Zoom also provides a simple audio calling experience. It works across multiple devices such as Windows, Mac, ios, and Android.

7.    Webex

Formerly known as Webex Teams, Webex prides its ability to provide good video quality even in poor network conditions. Webex has a team chat feature and also allows for screen sharing.

Tutors can trust Webex to aid them in connecting with their students over long distances by providing amazing video quality, group messaging, file sharing, and whiteboard features.

Webex also has a call feature and brags about its ability to provide amazing voice quality. Webex works across multiple devices.

8.    Go To Meeting

Another strong alternative to Google Meet is Go To Meeting. If you want a strong video conferencing tool for your eLearning experience, you can go with GoTo meeting.

It helps you to meet with your students virtually and provides a reliable video conferencing option. Go To Meeting also has a screen sharing feature.

9.    BlueJeans Meetings

Blue Jeans Meetings comes packed with not just video conferencing features but also includes web and audio conferencing.

It also includes a screen sharing option. Blue Jeans Meetings prides itself as the first cloud service to connect desktops, mobile devices, and room systems in a single video conference.

If your learners have diverse devices, you might want to consider Blue Jeans Meetings. Blue Jeans sticks to simplicity and makes it easy for participants to quickly and easily join meetings anywhere, at any time.


Google Meet is a video conferencing service created by Google. However, there are several google meet alternatives in the video conferencing world for learning in Nigeria.

All over the internet, there are great options for video conferencing and remote learning. The tutor just has to make his or her preferred choice.

Posted On: 10 March, 2021