Developing Quality Teacher-Student relationship

By Peace Adefarasin

Cultivating positive relationships between a teacher and student is a fundamental aspect of quality teaching and student learning. The relationship between teachers and students can have a lasting impact on the development of a child. Teachers who have good relationships with their students have been shown to be more effective in their teaching roles. In addition to lower levels of behavioral problems, teachers with strong classroom bonds are also able to achieve higher levels of academic success among students. The following guide explores the importance of positive teacher-student relationships.


Positive teacher-student relationships promote a sense of school belonging and encourage students to participate cooperatively. Students develop the confidence to experiment and succeed in an environment where they are not restricted by the fear of failure. Teachers are able to assist students with motivation and goal setting, and students can turn to them for advice and guidance.

There are several ways a teacher can influence or establish a good relationship with his/her students, which are teaching strategies, classroom discussion, classroom cohesion, teacher expectation, teacher immediacy, teacher credibility, and classroom behavior. Establishing these will provide a platform in which students are encouraged and motivated to grow both academically and personally.

Tips on establishing a good relationship with students.

  1. Teach with enthusiasm and passion
  2. Display a positive attitude
  3. Make learning fun.
  4. Be genuinely interested in your student’s lives outside the classroom and their general well being.
  5. Treat students with respect.
  6. Create a secure and safe environment for students.

Teachers need to set expectations where students do not criticize, bully or intimidate each other.

Developing positive teacher-student relationships takes significant time and effort, however, the benefit on both the teacher and student is immeasurable.



Posted On: 23 October, 2018