Top 10 best educational blogs and websites in Nigeria (2021)



As many Nigerian students take to online learning and with Schools yet to resume, how have you been staying informed about happenings in the educational sector? That is why this week, we would be looking at the top 10 educational blogs and website in Nigeria (2020).

Its three months already since the Federal Government ordered a nationwide shutdown to curtail the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

A lot has happened since the initial shutdown.


Some Sectors have since gone back into operation, but the educational sector has remained lock down due to the fear of what could happen if schools are allowed to open without adequate infrastructure and necessary health safety measures put in place before resumption.

During this period, students have had to rely on e-learning to keep their minds engaged. And so, our team did an analysis on the top 10 educational blogs in Nigeria that have been helpful and remained consistent in keeping the average Nigerian student engaged since the lock down began.

The list is not exhaustive, so feel free to tell us who and what websites should also make our list.


  1. Edufirst.ng 

Yeah, do not be surprised. Edufirst.ng is indeed a foremost leader in the educational space. Over the years, it has risen to be a top competitor in the educational digital space. The blog keeps followers aware of educational trends and news happening all over the world through its weekly informative articles and news feeds. Providing up to date information on schools, available scholarships and courses for self and career development.

Since the lockdown began, Edufirst.ng through its Youtube Channel (EduFirst TV) has given Nigerian students free access to its NERDC Approved resource library with over 600 secondary school video contents on Subjects like Mathematics, English language, among others.

Little wonder it is listed on the Federal Ministry of Education’s website as a go-to for e-learning in Nigeria.

2.  Pass.ng:

The educational blog strives to be accessible to everyone and it is one of the few websites with resources available offline. Their practice software is available for download and they also have an app that can be downloaded and used on mobile phones. The website is primarily for test practices for a variety of examinations, such as School of Nursing Exams, WAEC and masters degree exams. The website provides information for a wide age spectrum, they have test questions available from elementary school students, all the way to Masters degree entrance examinations. The website also features a blog that offers tutorials on personal development skills, such as Voice and Accent training, Presentation tips and so on.

3. Edugist :

Edugist is a leading blog in educational space in Nigeria. Apart from its featured educational newsfeed and resource materials, Edugist features a podcast and radio show. The radio segment is hosted by 103.5fm Lagos and it provides a platform where Edugist’s host discusses trending topics pertaining to education. An audio copy of the hour-long radio show is available on the blog for download, listening in and sharing. Edugist also has a market place feature where educational materials such as books, audio-visual equipment, furniture and games are sold.

4. My School.Ng :

This is a blog that caters mainly to high school students, particularly to seniors who are about to write quality examinations into tertiary institutions. It provides resource materials which vary from past questions to textbooks and Jamb practice software. There are educational materials available for purchase on the blog and it features a hands-on approach to education by providing a classroom option where students can ask questions and collaborate through groups or personal connections. The blog has an up to date news feed that provides information on exam status, results, and requirements, along with available scholarships.

5. Flashlearners.com:

This blog provides instructional and educative data for students. Their target audience is majorly admission seekers. The blog attempts to answer all questions pertaining to examination requirements, possible obstacles, and proffers solutions. The blog features educative articles and provides information on scholarships and pending examination results.

6. Nigerian Scholars:

This is a website designed to be an information and education resource site. It caters mainly to those seeking admissions into tertiary institutions, like high school seniors. The blog provides examination information about different schools across Nigeria and school materials like past examination questions and computer-based practice tests. Students can take tutorials on the website, having the opportunity to choose from different subjects with a variety of topics available.


7. Campus Portal:

Making it to the list of top educational blogs in Nigeria (2020) is Campus Portal. Although, it has a more mature audience, it still provides information pertaining to tertiary entrance exams, its news feed bubbles with the latest information about different institutions, The blog provides information about undergraduate scholarships and internship opportunities, upcoming undergraduate students and youth events; and the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) yearly schedule.

8. MyPastQuestions :

This website provides a free platform for students to have unlimited access to educational materials, particularly past questions. These past questions and answers cover a wide range of major examinations and not just examinations in Nigeria, but in sub-Saharan Africa.

9. NG Students:

The blog provides information about Nigerian institutions. It is mainly a news portal, sharing daily updates and information about schools, examinations, and schedules. It shares information about different tertiary institutions such as Universities, Colleges of education and Polytechnics.

10. My School Gist :

As the name connotes, the blog is all about school gist, ranging from secondary to tertiary institutions. It also provides information on upcoming examinations, scholarships, and education-related competitions.

Posted On: 9 June, 2020