The future of work: how we should prepare


The future of work: how we should prepare 

The matter of work is what many youths do not think necessary as they are schooling. Some people think; with the future of work well and truly upon us, how can we prepare for jobs that do not yet exist? But I tell you it’s necessary. Our future depends on our young people’s ability to create a better world for them and the next generation they leave behind. They will face challenges in jobs we are yet to envision and work alongside more intelligent machines than anyone could have imagined. There are many forces at play that continue to disrupt the world of work. All of these forces will affect the future jobs in demand and shape the skills required of workforces in the future. However, I believe there are behaviours that you can adopt that can prepare you for the future world of work and ensure your skills remain relevant and in demand.

While sought-after technical expertise will continue to evolve, certain soft skills will remain a constant prerequisite for most jobs in the future. Why?  Because these are the human skills that can’t be imitated by technology, such as the ability to connect with people and form a professional relationship, willingness to learn and respect for others. Being aware of the core skills employers will require in the future and developing job-ready skills now will help you stand out in the job market.

International mobility is on the rise, a trend being facilitated by advances in technology. As such, more employers are video-interviewing skilled workers who plan to move overseas while also searching internationally for skills in short supply domestically. Organizations in the future, therefore, will be looking for employees who can quickly adapt to new cultures and integrate well in a foreign environment. As part of your upskilling, become a ‘global citizen’. Increase your cultural intelligence and open your mind to the increasing number of overseas opportunities because the ‘jobs of the future’, and the exact skills required to perform these jobs are constantly changing. One thing you can be certain of, however, is that you will need to develop an adaptable and inquisitive attitude if you want to remain employable.

Technology is advancing at a faster rate than our skills and in order to align, we must stay inquisitive and willing to learn. Keep on top of current trends and changes relevant to your profession by reading reports, journals and news articles, watching videos, listening to podcasts, attending networking functions, seminars, and participating in online discussions.

Above all, having quality and defendable result will also go a long way in making one, outstanding in the job market, not forgetting your charisma, character and the imbibition of good social values like honesty, contentment, selflessness, and the likes. All these will go a long way in preparing you for the future.


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Federal Government Girls College, Benin, Edo State

Posted On: 26 November, 2018