Ada: A story on teenage bullying (Part 2)

Ada: A story on teenage bullying (Part 2)

Hello there! It’s a beautiful Wednesday morning, you’ll agree with me?

I’m sure you anticipated this all week! Here’s ADA’s story (A story on teenage bullying) continued as you love it:


“… but unknown to her, Tobe, the shortest of the three who was always lined up behind Ada on the assembly queue had overheard her and hence, hurried to the back to inform Yaru and Tunbi who were queued far behind, …”


“…so they hurried ahead of her, first to the classroom to get the items, then to the 3-man capacity toilet to set things in place …

Yaru was to hide outside till Ada entered and then lock the door behind her. Since the other two toilets were locked, meaning occupied, Ada went into the third one and locked it behind her.

Yaru banged on the door, asking her nicely to open the door and come out, but she didn’t and pleaded to be left alone; they came harmed (To carry out their bullying plans), so it didn’t matter.

Yaru picked out the knife in her backpack and began to forcefully break the lock open.

By this time, Ada had begun to scream on top of her voice for help, but it was of no use, the toilet was at the back end of the school, and too late, for Yaru had been able to make her way in.

So Tobe chugged some mouthful worth of toilet tissues in her mouth to make her unable to speak and they began carrying out their plan.

They were to pull out the braces off her teeth with the Fork Tunbi had brought to eat yam at lunch, rip her high-up blue Fabian Kole High School socks with the blades they had gotten and with Tunbi holding the phone, record a video as they ripped her clothes apart, beating her up in the process.

With blood stains all over her body, a few bruises and cuts here and there and the video recorded, their plan was done and successful, and right there, Tunbi, having had her uncle hack the school’s web blog and give her the access link and password to it, published the video there and they victoriously made their exit with a smirk on each of their faces.

With this, Ada thought: “My nakedness has been seen by well over half the entire school and a wide range of traffic beyond FK High’s students and teachers!

I can’t keep up with this!” she cried out loud. “I can’t stand the shame, I’ll just melt into the ground.

I wish they never knew me”, she whispered with her hands and face to the ground and eureka! An idea had dropped in her head! “Let me kill myself”, she chuckled with a cunning smile; “it’ll be like this never happened, I’ll be free from the constant bullying and I can finally BREATHE IN PEACE”, she said to herself.

Then, she picked up the blade Yaru had accidentally dropped, stood to her feet, deepened most of the cuts they had made and took some blood on her left index and middle fingers and wrote on the wall, “Ada WAS here!” to leave a lasting stain.

Thinking through nothing at all, she gave herself a final doze as she broke the WC she had sat on with the Fire extinguisher present and fell drastically to her neck like a mango tree to the hard sharp broken edge.

That was the end of Ada Nwokoro.

Peace on the other side? Maybe. Joy on this side? Could have been possible if, throwback to the first test she aced, the “Gang 3”, as they called themselves, recognized her potential and suggested to her to help them with certain subjects they couldn’t handle so well instead of resulting to violence through bullying.

Neither was it entirely their fault anyways, since after school hours every day, they would go, each to her own house and unsupervised, watch TV channels with contents that expose them to rather dangerous and evil ways of  letting out discontent.

Of course, such contents led them into Teenage bullying in the first place.

There you have it—the hate you give young individuals in turn messes with everyone: school was over barely before it started, Gang 3 was charged to a Juvenile Court for manslaughter, Class 3, JSS 3 lost for life, its Ace Student (as they fondly called her).

FK High lost the prestigious image it had been building itself for the past 15 years and Dr and Mrs Roby Nwokoro had a dent for life for they could no longer conceive—Ada was a miracle baby.

But did it all end there? Let’s wait and see!

Join me next Wednesday as we continue the ADA story (A story on teengae bullying) whilst exploring the vile of bullying and other related topics!


Written by: Adenaike Ayomide.

Posted On: 23 January, 2019