Technology can be said to be the scientific knowledge used in practical ways in industry e.g. in designing new machines new products which makes life easier.


This is the process of giving lessons, information, ideas and knowledge somebody especially students


This is the process of acquiring knowledge from somebody who could be your teacher or even by yourself.

Now putting together technology and its impact on teaching and learning, it is the use of scientific knowledge in giving and acquiring information that can be used for the development of human life.

Technology has been of great impact on teaching and learning. Take a look at the use of projectors as an instance, it has been discovered that students remember more of what they see than what they hear so it helps for easy reference. Another example is phones used for browsing, it has also improved technology in learning because with the phones you can browse anything you don’t know but want to know about it.

Another example is the use of calculators, its invention made it possible to calculate large numbers without time wastage and it also brought about accuracy. Another example is the use of computers, nowadays in many schools; they have computer labs where computer is used to educate students. In the days of our fore fathers transportation was through the use of donkeys, camel but this 21st century which led to the invention of trains, cars, airplanes, ships, projectors and virtual reality videos. Now let’s look on the general impact of technology in teaching and learning.

  1. Speed: Technology helps to increase speed, when teaching and learning is being carried out i.e. stress free.
  2. Accuracy: Technology made it possible for teaching and learning to go on without mistakes e.g. using calculators to make accurate calculations.
  3. Storage: with technology inventions, facts and information can be stored with easy reference when needed.
  4. Logical thinking: Some students having seen and known what technology is all about and have also seen that inventors of various inventions are recognized and also would want or like to be recognized and this makes them think logically on what to invent and how it would change people’s life.

All this listed above could be the positive impact of technology in teaching and learning which is beneficial.

Apart from this positive impact technology could also have a negative impact on teaching and learning which could be the use of technology gadgets like computers for games instead of research thereby wasting time, the use of phones for facebook, watching movies instead of browsing out important information to change our life some students also use this technology gadgets to Google out exam questions which they use for exam malpractice instead of focusing on the right thing. Technology can change your life only if you know HOW TO MAKE IT IMPACT ON YOUR LIFE POSITIVELY.

Osemeke Deborah.

FGGC Ibusa.

Posted On: 25 January, 2019