Technology we can say is the basis of our living in our society today. We are faced with many challenges which technology in one-way or the other provides a paramount solution. We can say Technology helps in learning, communication, thinking and productivity, not to talk of many others, but more or less a bit eschewed from learning in undeveloped countries. Alvin Toffler once said, “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn“. This means in thus age and time students must be able and ready to learn on the go which technology has made possible to achieve. This places a mark on the learning section of the society. Technology in its diverse ways has given opportunities for learners to revisit the process of learning with a different perspective.

Technology gives an opening eye to success in this age and time. Technology through the use of electronic medias avail the learners to a more attractive way of understanding and implementing resources learnt through those medias. It is a fact that toddlers and children of this age pick up a lot of things from the things they see at their tender ages and this definitely affects their mindset to life in one way or the other. The growing average technological wise class is expected to be equipped with some basic technological learning materials such as projectors, tablets,  laptops and Desktop computers and also have technology literate teachers who can communicate in a versatile manner with the students creating conducive environment for learning because without these the aim of having those equipment is defeated. Through this, technology breaches the gap between the students and the teacher. Its [Technology’s] impact on learning is in no doubt to actualize or create a good environment for learning or maybe expose the students to a big world of cyber vices and crimes. Technology gives the calmest student a voice. Technology gives the students opportunities to meet a big world of chances waiting for him or her. Technology is challenged with the aim of connecting the society and at a fast rate. Learning which a continuous process is allows even aged people to learn fast based on eagerness to adapt to the new ongoing trend of the society. Technology makes a good mark for generations to come. According to study by “Educase” Technology-based learning via communications and the Internet has helped a considerable growing 43,000 traditionally aged students as at 2004. This is not only the hope if a better tomorrow but an assurance that the generations to come will not only be smart but have an independent living in which every man can own his or her own source of livelihood. The invention of technology has not only helped mankind but has introduced ways in which life span can be predicted and adhered to. It has told us the sex of our children, showed us where fatal mitosis of cells are going on, {cancer},transportation in an easier way{airplanes}.It has also given us easier ways to move books, bibles novels with the provision e-books and other applications which help reduce the stress of movement. Learning is not a small section of the impact of technology but one of the most vital and most important areas that technology needs to be applied. Technology has also given an edge to critical thinking which produces creativity and helps grow the everyday society. This makes the world not only a better place but a more colorful place to live in.



Technology in many ways has impacted on things in our society and still continues till today. As a matter of fact, Technology aims at increasing the number of literate members of the society. Technology in different ways has made provision for learning

The Internet {Both of Things and of everything} has given a good foundation for versatile research work which helps efficient teaching and learning in the classroom, which enhances the aim of connecting the society. The IoT is aimed at connecting over 90% of things in the society by year “2020”Technology in which I mean the Internet though has its benefits tends to be misused in an undeveloped society. The greatest aim of technology in learning is to create a very conducive environment for learning in which the students assimilate things easier because of a more attractive way of learning. This helps us to achieve the aim of learning with technology. Technology through the internet has helped working students attend classrooms and communicate via the Internet and continue the learning process on the go and easier.

Technology has impacted on learning in many ways that has done well to our present society but a few are enumerated below:

  • Immediate Access: Technology has given immediate access to its users and has aided at connecting the society better. It has achieved making data, which is then processed to information and easy to come-by and grab what you want from it. Imagine if the teaching and learning process is going on and both the teacher and the students can’t get a word or a name right, they clarify from the internet so that the wrong information won’t get to the students and the answer is gotten with no stress at all.
  • Learning on the Go: Technology has given us the opportunity to learn through the ups and downs of our schedules which has so far being an helping edge to proposed learners who have this problem of tight schedules and so this helped to make online classes in which a student can communicate very well with both his cyber classmates and teacher and also take examinations to earn certificates very versatile and useful. The University of Liverpool is a candid example of an institution that runs this e-learning.
  • Research: Whenever you are stuck at one spot on any research and you are losing time and sanity, where do you run? Technology. This has not only provided another source to get versatile information from but get not only faster but number sites or pages having about the same reference and allows to get your work or project done in a very conducive and more friendly environment. This also produces very rich research work that ends up increasing the knowledge bank of the students.

Everything that has an advantage also has disadvantages also and technology is faced with the challenge of improper use of gadgets and Medias so there are negative consequences. Some negative consequences of technology is that some of the growing learners tend to pick up vulgar languages which make them not only to be opposing the code of conduct in the society but create bad impression of them which tends to spoil the social image. It also makes the student lazy and nonchalant to believe in other sources of information outside the cyber world. To crown it all, Integration without communication is void, meaning that all forms of learning done in the cyber word if not practiced will cause the problem of lack of communication in the society. For example, In Nigeria, the privilege of technology is misused by secondary school-going students and they tend to misuse it with social medias and all sorts which is the against the aim of providing technology in the classrooms.



Technology in plenty ways can be rehabilitated and misuse eradicated. We have seen a few negative consequences of technology and these are some responsible ways to eradicate them:

  • Monitoring use of these gadgets and media: The proper monitoring and careful watching of learners by teachers and parents can help to reduce misuse of these Medias and can help the next generation by changing the mindset towards technology without defeating the aim of connecting the society.
  • Teach responsible usage: The teaching of responsible usage of these privileges is not in doubt a good step in helping the misuse of technology and this habit or tradition will pass to ages to come.
  • Familiarity with technology: Familiar usage and knowledge of these Medias will help sensitize on the misuse of technology. Technology-worthy tests should be taken impromptu by users to keep the internet and the society safe from the misuse of technology. Recently, Google Inc., in collaboration with Skool Media came together and organized a “DIGI-SMART CHALLENGE” that taught and tested the students on the use of the Internet and the computer at large.
  • Restriction in the Learning environs: The misuse of technology by learners will be less if there is restriction. Proper restriction of students by experts not to visit illicit websites and page sand not to be not only sensitized learners but also teach the proper use of technology.
  • Learning outside the internet: the learning done on the internet should not be the basis of learning and alternatives of that learning should be encouraged by giving theoretical assignments, reading tests and research work to ensure learning outside the cyber-class.

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Federal Government College, Lagos

Posted On: 13 February, 2019