Edufirst Ng and Skool Media Launches Teach Me Well in 23 Unity Schools


Teach Me Well is an initiative of Edufirst Ng which has the focus to inspire teachers to make more accessible their well researched, thoroughly written lesson notes on relevant school subjects.

Teachers get rewarded per lesson note contributed and benefit from a wide range of capacity building programmes of Edufirst Ng/Skool Media. Have access to the facilities of the Skool Media Tech Experience Centre at their respective locations. Additionally, teachers will form a very essential part of the emerging learning management system feature of Edufirst Ng.


Project Objectives

Our overall objective is to get teachers to make accessible their lesson notes available to students from different part of Nigeria. Teachers are being supported to expand the frontiers of learning to students – whilst they are online on their respective mobile devices – for remarkable teaching/learning outcomes.

The specific project objectives include:

1. To encourage teachers to develop very interesting and comprehensible instructional content

2. To promote the concept of digital democracy by providing access to free, useful and relevant content for students

3. To integrate teachers into digital teaching space and create an additional stream of income for them

4. To reward dedicated, creative and smart teachers.

Project Scope
The project has the following targets:

1. The first phase of the project is limited to teachers of 23 unity schools.

2. Teachers are to continuously contribute their lesson notes on a weekly basis and get paid for it.

3. Teachers with the best notes and very creative content stand a chance of qualification for awards and prizes. Best three teachers will be picked at school, zonal and national levels.

Project Plan

1. Notification of teachers on the Teach Me Well programme

2. Activation of content submission portal

3. Design of MOU and upload on the portal for ease of consenting.

4. Weekly, Monthly Submission and Collation

5. Monthly assessment

6. Regional selection

7. Final selection

8. Voting and selection of Teacher Champions

Content Areas 

  1. Participating teachers are expected to contribute an average of 4 content monthly.
  2. Each teacher is expected to contribute content on key Science. Technology, Arts, Engineering, Management and Mathematics subjects.
  3. Teachers get rewarded for contributing their notes, each teacher gets paid per notes after satisfying established judging criteria.
  4. Teacher Champions become ambassadors and get cash prizes and reward items.

Judging Criteria

All lesson note entries submitted must conform with the judging criteria below:
1. Authenticity – devoid of plagiarized content, reference sources used

2. Consistency – use of language, tone, visuals, and videos must be consistent.

3. Communication – make it interactive and fun to read by including relevant images with sources of those images cited ( ensure no copyright rules are violated).

4. Creative – be creative with your expression

5. Content – how rich and comprehensive your content is to the subject matter or topic

6. Voting – voting will be done at zonal and national stages.

7. Fun and Interesting: make your content fun, interesting and comprehensible.

Reward system

1. Teachers get paid N5, 000 monthly for contributing content to the Edufirst Ng Platform – Participating Teachers are expected to turn in 4 content on a monthly basis- and content submitted will be assessed based on the judging criteria enunciated above.

2. The top three teachers in each school with the most read content get rewarded with Edufirst Goodybags and qualify to benefit in the Edufirst capacity building programmes for teachers

3. Winners Category:

Below is a classification of the different winners:

a. Zonal Winners:

Edufirst goody bags and cash prizes of 50,000, 30,000 and 20 thousand respectively for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions with their due recognition in the experience centres.

b. National Champions:

i. Overall winner – gets N100,00 cash prize, an award, and scholarship to a specialized training for teachers, and Edufirst branded Laptop (Edupad);

ii. Ist runner-up – gets N70, 000 cash prize, an award, and scholarship to a specialized training for teachers and Edufirst branded Laptop (Edupad);

iii. 2nd runner-up – gets N50,000 cash prize, award, and scholarship to a specialized training for teachers and Edufirst branded laptop (Edupad).

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Posted On: 29 October, 2018