Using Edufirst TV To Encourage Your Kids To Study At Home

How Edufirst TV’s Content can Encourage Your Kids To Study At Home

Using Edufirst TV To Encourage Your Kids To Study At HomeAre you worried that your kids are not taking advantage of this season by studying at home? Worry no further, read till the end to find out how we are helping kids make better use of the lockdown.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, almost everything has moved online, including learning.

Since the lockdown began many educational enterprises have opened up their doors to help students by providing free courses, online classes and learning materials and resources to support them to keep studying while being stuck at home.

Edufirst TV was created in line with that vision.

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Edufirst TV is an educational YouTube channel uploading daily lessons drawn from various school subjects, each lesson is a topic prepared and explained by an experienced teacher on the subject, also, each topic is extracted from the Scheme of Work of Nigerian secondary schools.

The duration of the videos is short usually 4-9 minutes long but effective when passing information to the viewer.

Edufirst TV is mainly concentrating on secondary school topics, it is for JSS and SSS students only.

The Edufirst TV channel is capable of helping kids study at home due to the lockdown, they can watch their favourite topics explained to them in quality and interactive videos with animations, images, assignments and so on.

The program is fairly new but it already has hundreds of videos uploaded onto the channel, different topics ranging from Sets in Mathematics to Heat Energy in Physics to Labour Market in Economics are available to the viewers.

We have more than 2,000 students that have already subscribed to the Edufirst TV channel.

It will engage your kids, keep them focus and help them study at home. It will also encourage them to keep learning. You can set up this channel for your kids at home simply by visiting the Edufirst TV link right here.

Once there, click on the ‘Playlist’ tab to get a more streamlined list of the lessons, categorized by class and subject.

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Students that were on the platform found it very useful and interesting.

They interact, ask questions in the comment section, and are genuinely enjoying the lessons.

For a few hours each day, the school-child in your home can use this extraordinary means to spend their time.

By Hafiz Mahmud

Posted On: 7 May, 2020