Parents: Why your kids must acquire high income skills early



Why parents must invest in high income skills for their kids early

Every parent or guardian living in this information age, needs to read this now.

Just like in the past where parents invested and guided their kids by encouraging them to acquire high income skills like medicine, engineering, law and the likes. Today’s high income skills has displaced that of past years and it is high time parents live with the reality of the global economy.

Times have changed. Indeed times have changed, as at June 2019, Research now shows that the future belongs to only those who can solve big problems for other people. This is the reason why various multinationals are gradually dumping entry requirements for getting certain positions in their organizations.

Did I hear you say how does this affect you or your kids?


Hmmm…. Fact is, in the future, Individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations will only be willing to pay good money for someone who can bring in more revenue.

Someone who possesses a high income skill.

That is, someone with a specialized skill set.

Such a skill will have to be one that can solve big problems for people.

So, I’m expecting you to start asking me about the high income skills you should start investing and guiding your kids towards.

Think about that. What skill set would stand them out in a crowd of Job seekers tomorrow?

Hmmm…Examples of high income skills are: Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Programming, Social Media Management, Coding, App development etc.

Professionals in these fields earn at least N2,160,000 – N3,600,000 on a monthly basis.

Education remains a great legacy for your kids. No arguments about that.

However, from your own experience in the real world, you will AGREE that it doesn’t end with acquiring certificates and you will also AGREE that those who have a high income skill even in your own office earn higher than everyone else.

As a parent, investing in and helping your kid’s acquire high income skills remain the best DECISION you can make as a parent on behalf of your kids now.

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By Jimoh Smith

Posted On: 16 July, 2020