Jamb Reprint: How To Reprint Your Jamb Slip At Home

Guide To Reprinting Your Slip From The Jamb Portal

Jamb Reprint: How To Reprint Your Jamb Slip At Home

When preparing for JAMB 2021, you are required to print out your Jamb examination slip, which will be useful to you during the course of writing the exams. Your Jamb slip has your personal info and exam info on it, you will be asked to present it before entering the exam hall.

To avoid inconveniences, it has to be ready at hand, that is why in this article we are going to be showing you how to reprint your Jamb slip.


Jamb Reprint In 2021

There are two main methods you can use to reprint your Jamb slip, method one, you can use the Jamb portal by accessing it via this link, and then method two, you can simply reprint from your profile, that is through the Jamb e-facility.

Method One: Using JAMB Portal

Step 1: You are to visit the Jamb portal.

Step 2: Fill in the blank field with either your registration number, phone number, or email.

Step 3: Click on ‘Print Examination Slip’

Step 4: A notification may appear asking you to allow ‘pop-ups’ from the jamb.gov.ng website, allow it.

Step 5: You are good to go, your Jamb slip will appear in a pop-up on the screen, you can save and print.

Method Two: Using JAMB E-facility

Step 1: Visit the Jamb e-facility web address here.

Step 2: Login to your profile by inputting your email/registration number/phone number, and password.

Step 3: There, you will find the option that says ‘Reprint Your Jamb Slip’

Step 4: That is all. You are done here.

Tips On Reprinting Your Jamb Slip

Here are a few useful tips to remember before reprinting your Jamb slip.

  1. Use the email you used to register for Jamb to login to the Jamb portal and to your Jamb profile.
  2. Also, use the phone number you used to register for Jamb to login and to perform other things related to Jamb.
  3. There is an option to retrieve your password if forgotten, click on ‘forget password’ and follow the instructions.
  4. Your Jamb reprint should be coloured.
  5. Get a duplicate of the slip by photocopying.
  6. When a notification appears on your screen asking you to allow pop-ups from the Jamb website, you should promptly allow it.

That’s it from this post, and we wish all the Jamb candidates good luck in their exams.


Posted On: 22 June, 2021