Is WAEC Timetable 2021 Out?

Wondering Whether The WAEC 2021 Timetable Has Been Released In Nigeria?

Is WAEC Timetable 2021 Out?

The moment of truth every candidate has been waiting for is here, they are pressed to know if the WAEC 2021 timetable is out? The answer is a partial yes. That is because the date for WAEC timetable 2021 has been released but not the actual subjects in the timetable, for the rest of the content, we will have to wait until it is updated.


The date was announced online during the first week of April by WAEC’s Acting Head, Public Affairs, Demianus Ojijeogu. The exam is starting on the 16 of August 2021.

So, better be prepared for the upcoming exams, it may seem like there is time before the exams start in earnest, but there really isn’t that much time, because the student is about to embark on an exam that will test their knowledge gained throughout their senior secondary school life, meaning from SS1 till SS3. It sure is going to be tough for them.

If you are a parent or teacher, you must have been preparing your students long before the exam approached, it will be a wise decision to keep training them until the WAEC exams begin. Now that the date for the WAEC timetable 2021 is out, you can start fine-tuning your lessons and practice sessions with the students.

And once the WAEC timetable is fully out, you can structure your lessons to be in accordance with the subjects on the WAEC timetable, for example, you can focus on the ones they will be starting with and move your way down to the subjects at the end of the timetable. This is just an example of one of the ways the WAEC timetable 2021 can be of help to your WAEC preparation. You can be as creative as you want to be with it.

The important thing is, the date for the timetable is out, it helps students realize how close the exams are and which subjects they can expect first.

Always check online for any updates regarding the WAEC timetable 2021, changes may occur and it will be updated before the WAEC exams start.

Posted On: 22 April, 2021