The Far-Reaching Potential Of Google Classroom App in Nigeria

A Brief Outlook On The Advantages Of Using The Google Classroom App in Nigeria

The Far-Reaching Potential Of Google Classroom App in Nigeria

In the world today, technology is constantly changing the way we learn. Millions of learners across the globe access education online without ever being physically present in the classroom. One of the tools that enable learners and tutors across the globe, to learn and teach virtually is the Google classroom app.

The Google classroom app is a free service provided by Google to assist teachers and educational institutions to use technology in the creation of engaging online teaching and learning environments. Google Classroom is a digital-enabled classroom that allows teachers and students to collaborate online.


However, in Nigeria, the structure of education was hugely physical before the outbreak of the Coronavirus. After the outbreak of the pandemic, several educational institutions moved their teachings online in order to enable their students to continue their education remotely.

They did this using several Learning Management Systems (LMS). Google Classroom is one of the LMS that was used during the outbreak of the pandemic to ensure continued education.

The Google classroom app has far-reaching potentials in Nigeria and can be a tool used to engineer a drastic change in our educational pattern and system in the country. By taking advantage of the application, Nigerian learners and tutors will be able to transit from onsite learning to online learning. Here are some of the advantages and potentials of the Google classroom app:

1.    Remote Learning

After the outbreak of the coronavirus in Nigeria, several educational institutions in the country moved towards a hybrid educational system.

This system was a mixture of both onsite and online learning for students. However, if the Google classroom app is fully utilized in Nigeria, the country could move beyond the hybrid system and into the practice of a fully remote educational system.

With the use of the Google Classrooms, teaching and learning can take place at any time or place. It brings education to the learners on their mobile devices and makes it easy for them to learn from the comfort of their homes.

The Google classroom app allows education to take place outside the four walls of a classroom by streamlining the process of grading, assessing and learning. The Google classroom app enhances online education by bringing teachers and students together in a virtual classroom.

Google Classrooms app can make distance learning possible in Nigeria and enable students to reach learning remotely from the institution of their choice without having to travel long distances.

2.    Easier Access to Resources

Using The Google classroom app, teachers in Nigeria can easily provide resources and modules to their students online. Students will be able to have access to educational resources without the need to go to a physical library.

The use of Google classroom app will ensure that each student in a class has access to the needed resources. It also facilitates less paperwork. These resources can easily be attached to assessments or lectures on the Google Classroom app and can be accessed by all students at the same time. This makes learning easier and cheaper.

3. Greater Student Reach

With the introduction of Google Classrooms in the system of education in Nigeria, institutions and tutors will have a greater student reach.

With the help of the application, they possess the ability to reach learners which they ordinarily would be unable to reach in an onsite setting.

The Google classroom app takes studying and education online so that learning is no longer limited to a physical location. Using the virtual classrooms provided by the mobile application, teachers will be able to reach students not just across Nigeria but across the globe.

Unlike an on-site classroom that might have limitations on how many students a school can enrol, with Google Classrooms, the possibilities are almost limitless. The application allows for the accommodation of more students and an increased reach to new student markets.

4. Digitized Records

In the typical Nigerian educational institutions, keeping student records involves a lot of paperwork. Teachers and tutors spend hours writing and recording using pen and paper.

However, the Google classroom app changes that completely. The Google classroom app makes it easy for teachers to record their student information online using Google sheets.

It prevents long hours of recording and excess paperwork. This technology can cause several improvements and advantages in the educational system of the country.

For example, it would take less time to input, assemble, or create those records, this will mean less stress on the teachers and it can greatly shorten the length of time needed for processing results and transcripts.

The Google classroom app makes it easier for teachers to grade their students online, make records and examine their students’ work and assignments a lot more thoroughly.

With less time given to record-keeping, teachers have more time to focus on student-centred teaching and innovative teaching methods. This can greatly improve the quality of education in Nigeria.


5. A More Student-centred Learning Environment

Google Classrooms allows the teachers to be a lot more focused on their students and ensure each student Is actively involved in the learning process.

The app allows teachers to monitor the progress of each student and even make comments on their assignments. It allows for increased interactions between students and teachers.

Teachers can send an email to their students at any time and vice versa. Teachers also have the ability to make announcements and students can freely leave comments on the class stream.

This Google classroom app allows teachers to follow up on their students and confirm their active participation.


With Ed-tech, classes can be delivered remotely and virtually through the use of online learning platforms, using services and applications such as the Google Classroom App.

This e-learning platform supports virtual learning and collaboration between students and teachers. It is a digital-enabled classroom that allows for education to take place outside the walls of a physical classroom.

By leveraging the Google Classroom app, Nigeria can fully harness the potentials of online learning within the country.


Posted On: 22 December, 2020