Getting Started With Google Classroom In Nigeria

Here’s All You Need To Know About Google Classroom

Getting Started With Google Classroom In Nigeria


According to Bloomberg Quint, as of March 2020, Google Classroom had 100 million users. Google classroom is a service that allows interaction, collaboration and education between teachers and students in a virtual environment.

Google Classroom is a virtual classroom that allows students to go to school and attend classes without being present onsite in a classroom.  It is a learning platform that allows teachers to teach, provide resources and give assessments and grade their students online.


Google Classroom makes it extremely easy to conduct virtual classes because it provides both teachers and students with access to all other tools in the Google Suite. Both teachers and students can create and submit assignments using Google Docs. Teachers can use Google Sheets for grading and YouTube to share video content.

Teachers and students can also share and create files using Google Drive. Gmail can be used to facilitate communication and collaboration while Google Calendar can be used to schedule classes, assignments and turn-ins. It has proven to be an all-in-one educational solution for educators.

Google Classrooms is a free online service and Nigerian teachers and students also have access to this platform. In Nigeria, teachers and students can also take advantage of the platform to ease learning and move to virtual and paperless education. Here are steps to help you get started with Google classroom in Nigeria.

1.   How To Register On Google Classroom As A Teacher

You can register to use google classroom via your web browser or via the app which is available on Android and IOS. However, if you aren’t familiar with the interface, it’s much easier to use the web browser on your smartphone or PC.

To enable you to teach your students using Google classroom, you will need either a Gsuite for Education account or a personal Gmail account. The details of your Gsuite for education account are usually provided by your school’s IT administrator and look like this [email protected].

However, you can also use a personal Gmail account that looks like this [email protected]. However, using a personal Gmail account prevents you from having access to certain features available on Google Classroom such as weekly email summaries to parents.

The first step to registering on Google Classrooms is to go to  Classroom.google.com. To register, you select your preferred email address from the drop-down menu and then click on continue.

The next step involves picking your role either as a student or a teacher. In this case, you select “Teacher”. It’s a very simple and easy process.

2.   How To Set Up A Class Using Google Classroom

Google Classroom allows teachers to create a virtual class to teach their students. In a class, you can post assignments, resources, assessments and announcements that your students can easily access using the system.

If you teach different classes, Google Classroom also allows you to create multiple classes. To set up your class using Google classroom, Go to Classroom.google.com and sign in to your account.

Click on the “+” sign to create a class. Give the class a title that you and your students can easily recognise and understand. You can decide to add extra information about your class such as a description which you can input into the section column.  You can also add subjects and room location for the class.

Once you are done inputting all the details, click create. A class code will be displayed. You’ll need that code to invite students to your class. You can create several classes or add subjects to your class as much as you desire.

Once you have created your class, you can begin teaching your students virtually by inviting them to join the class.

3.   How To Invite Students To Your Class

Before inviting students to your class, you might want to add assignments, work or tasks and resources to the class. You might also want to customize your class by using your school colours.

Students can be invited to your Google Classroom through the code that was earlier displayed when you created the class. You can also invite students to the class via a link or email invite. Once students join your class, Google Classroom makes it easy for them to easily take assessments and submit assignments to you online.

Once the students accept your invitation, they can become a part of the class.

4. Grading Your Students On Google Classroom

Google Classroom makes it easy to grade your students using whatever grading system you prefer. Assignments and assessments can easily be dispatched and graded over Google Classroom.

The service allows communication and collaboration between the teacher and student and also between the student and other students. Teachers can monitor the progress of each student as they work on their assignments and make comments. The teacher may also choose to give the students a template to enable each student to simply edit their copy and submit.

Google Classroom allows the teacher to easily grade the student and return the work along with comments, and request a revision if necessary. Once an assignment has been submitted by the student, Google classroom prevents the student from editing it unless the teacher requests a revision.

Teachers and students can also add additional documents to the assignment.

5. How To Communicate With Your Students On Google Classroom

There are two ways teachers can communicate with their students on the platform.

Firstly, teachers can post announcements on the class stream. Once an announcement is posted, students can comment on it and this allows for easy communication. The teacher also has the option of using Gmail to send emails to students to communicate with them.

6. How To Use Google Classroom As A Student

In order to use google classroom as a student, you will need to register with Classroom.google.com.

The next thing you need to do is select your preferred email from the drop-down menu and click on continue.

Once that is done, click on ” I am a student”.

After you log in, you can easily add yourself to a class by clicking on the “+” symbol to join one via the class private code. You can also join the class via a link or email invite provided by your teacher.

Once you join the class, you immediately have access to assignments, work, and resources uploaded by the teacher.  You can also see any announcement made by the teacher and have the ability to easily submit assignments using the platform. You can leave questions in the comment section to interact with the teacher.

7. The Google Classroom Mobile Application

Google Classroom has an app that is available both on the android and IOS stores.


The mobile application allows users to take photos and attach them to their assignments. One amazing feature of the mobile app is that it allows for offline access. Users can still access the app whilst offline until they get connected again.


Google Classroom is one of Google’s free tools created to enhance virtual learning and education. The user interface is clean and simple.

The service also provides teachers with direct tutorials on how to use the platform, making it easy to get started with Google Classroom in Nigeria.

Once you get started with Google Classroom, you can take advantage of remote learning and harness the power of the service, which allows you to learn or teach from anywhere in the world.

Posted On: 22 December, 2020