Skool Media and Edufirst Ng Launch EduWrites in 23 Unity Schools in Nigeria

Skool Media and Edufirst Ng Launch EduWrites in 23 Unity Schools in Nigeria.

EduWrites is an initiative of Edufirst Ng which has the focus to inspire the creative writing and intellectual prowess of students to become ambassador-contributors to the Edufirst Platform.
The programme is designed to identify students with the passion, skills, and talent for writing, nurture in them the creative and unique abilities to become seasoned writers and provide a reward system and incentives that motivate them to improve and commit to expressing their thoughts and creative imaginations in words.

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EduWrites is a writing contest planned to hold in 23 Unity Schools across the 6 geopolitical zones. Senior Secondary School Students from these schools will compete for points, prizes, and honour. The participating schools include:

  1. Federal Government College, Ijanikin, Lagos
  2. Federal Science and Technical College, Yaba.
  3. Queens College Lagos.
  4. Federal Government Girls College, Akure.
  5. Federal Government Girls College, Ibusa.
  6. Federal Government College, Kano.
  7. Federal Government College, Rubochi.
  8. Federal Government Girls College, Bwari.
  9. Federal Government College, Daura.
  10. Federal Government Girls College, Sagamu.
  11. Federal Government College, Sokoto.
  12. Federal Government Girls College, Owerri.
  13. Federal Government Girls College, Bida
  14. Federal Government Girls College, Benin
  15. Federal Government College, Enugu.
  16. Federal Government Girls College, Yola.
  17. Federal Science and Technical College, Uromi.
  18. Federal Government Girls College, Umuahia.
  19. Federal Government College, Ohafia.
  20. Federal Science and Technical College, Otukpo.
  21. Federal Government College, Kaduna.
  22. Federal Government College, Ikot Ekpene.
  23. Federal Science and Technical College, Jalingo.

Programme Objectives 

The overarching objective of the EduWrites programme is to inspire students for genuine intellectual engagement and develop in them sound communication skills through writing. While the specific objectives of the programme are:

1. To inspire in students the desire to creatively express ideas and thoughts in words

2. To encourage the passion for research and intellectual engagements among students

3. To channel students passion and energy to a right cause

4. To create a strong network of student-writers and analytical thinkers.


  1. A writing contest
  2. To run for 3 months
  3. Reward system like Cash prizes items and other benefits available
  4. Programme to run at state, Zonal and National levels.
  5. Ambassadorial offers for students at Edufirst Ng inclusive. 6. Programme to run in 23 unity schools ( Skool Media Project Locations).


The programme is planned to commence 28th October 2018 and end 21st February 2019.

  • School Champions – to be decided 20th January 2019.
  • Zonal Champions– to be decided 8th February 2019.
  • National Champions– to be decided 21st February 2019.

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Thematic Areas

Students are expected to contribute an average of 500-word articles on any of the following areas:
1. Making teaching and learning of science subjects fun and practical.

2. Technology and its impact on teaching and learning.

3. Moral decadence in schools: challenges and solutions

4. Encouraging students to learn history.

5. Mathematics: talk about how to eliminate fears and difficulty with learning math.

6. The future of work: talk about how we should prepare for the future of employment.

7. The boring aspects of school – what is boring about school and how do we make school a place away from home.

Judging Criteria

  1. Coherence – how logically sound your essay is
  2.  Consistency – state the facts and ensure your presentation is backed by genuine evidence.
  3. Communication – make it interactive and fun to read.
  4. Creative – be creative with your expression.
  5. Usage – how well your articles are read – each article must have an average of 50 views in a month to qualify for a monthly shortlist
  6. Voting – voting will be done at zonal and national stages

Reward System

1. Points – participants will qualify to earn rewards based on points. Points are determined by having your article conform to the judging criteria.

2. Winners Category:

a. School winners: 1st ( Edufirst Goody Pack plus a portrait at the experience centre and N5, 000), 1st runner-up ( Edufirst Goody Bag plus N3, 000) and 2nd runner-up ( Edufirst Goody Bag plus N2, 000)

b. Zonal Winners: Edufirst goody bags and cash prizes of N20,000, N10, 000 and 20 thousand respectively for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions with their due recognition in the experience centres.

c. National Champions:

i. Overall winner – gets N100, 000 cash prize, an award, and scholarship to CodeFunky, and edufirst branded Tab (Edutab);

ii. Ist runner up – gets an N70,000 cash prize, an award, and scholarship to Codefunky and Edufirst branded Tab (Edutab);

iii. 2nd runner-up – gets N50,000 cash prize, an award, and scholarship to Codefunky and Edufirst branded Tab (Edutab);

3. Edufirst Programmes Nationwide: All winners automatically become Edufirst Ambassadors.

All article entries should be sent to [email protected] or [email protected]


Posted On: 25 October, 2018