Tips to Overcome Exam Fear and Test Anxiety

The following mentioned are few ways for overcoming fear and to reduce anxiety.

1. Start revising early:

Students who start revising their portion early find that they can manage to answer without any stress or exam pressure. The sooner you start the better. As practice makes a better understanding and recollection, students are often advised to revise early. It will avoid panic at the last moment. Preparing well ahead of the exam will allow you to focus on difficult topics so that you allocate time for it also.

2. Your own timetable:

As a student, you are well aware of the subjects that you need to work more on. It’s not by the grades but by the length of material or depth of the contents that you need to know about. To prepare for it, you need to create your own timetable for all the 7 days of the week. The timetable should be realistic that you abide by it.

3. Chart out:

You know the number of chapters and which one is difficult to prepare. Make a rough sketch of the units or chapters that you need to prepare. Then align those in the sequence of priority against the days of the week or the timetable you have set. You can amend the timetable or modify to suit to your needs.



4. Mix of subjects:

While making timetable or charting out, its best to study one subject in the morning and another subject in the evening. Studying the same subject will make you feel bored or mind dull. Take a mix of two subjects and try out. You will surely feel the urge to complete the topics that you intend to.

5. Target for the day:

Without aim there is no way that you will achieve anything in life. Even fixing a target for the day is crucial. As you would have noted down the chapters or topics you need to revise, break down these chapters as against the days.

Example: Feb.13 –

9.00 to 12.00: History- chapter 15,16

2.30 to 5.30: English – chapter 5,6

6.00 to 8.00: Geography – chapter 11

9.00 to 12.00: Maths – chapter 12,13

So having a target for each day, you are sure to revise well before the exam. Once you start making such charts you would be habituated to make charts for any assignments.

6. Allocate time for breaks:

Making a timetable is not an easy task. While making, do make time for breaks in between. You might get up for your bath or using the washroom, you need to wash your clothes, you need to clean the room, etc. All these can be considered a break. Then include your dinner, lunch, breakfast as well. Even listening to music at an interval of 3 or 4 hours is not bad. Breaks bring back enthusiasm while studying.


7. Sleep well:

Students often study without taking rest. Sleeping during the afternoons are often advised to give rest to your brain and eyes. You would feel that you are fresh after that break of sleeping. Don’t try to be nocturnal. Students are advised to take a minimum of 6-7 hours of sleep during the night. You can then cope up with the study the next day.











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Posted On: 27 March, 2019