Best Online Learning Platforms In Nigeria 2020

Some Of The Best Learning Management Systems In Nigeria

Best Online Learning Platforms In Nigeria 2020


Most schools in Nigeria have transitioned or are transitioning to online learning platforms because it is convenient, makes them efficient, and is easy to manage.

There are apps, software and IT solutions all around us now, that make the task of learning and even running a school more efficient. The online learning platforms designed to provide IT solutions and e-learning capabilities in our schools are built with creativity and to fit just right with the Nigerian education ecosystem.


So, the syllabuses and curriculums, the lessons, lectures, and learning materials, are fine-tuned and tailored to the specifications of schools in Nigeria.

E-learning is a broad phrase, but in general terms, it means online learning. Any online portal that you use for learning, or an online course that you can join is part of what is referred to as e-learning. E-learning in Nigeria has been progressing dramatically over the past few years, and along with it is the growing demand for the best e-learning platforms in Nigeria.

A powerful tool or software that provides school administrators with e-learning solutions to help them run their schools are known as Learning Management Systems or LMS for short. Some Learning Management Systems are capable of providing administrators with different features, such as a school management tool, student data management, teacher’s data management, tools for the creation of online courses, and so on.

An LMS makes schools highly efficient, by allowing them to automate most of their tasks and to store their data in the cloud. Without further ado, here are some of the best e-learning platforms in Nigeria.

5 Best Online Learning Platforms In Nigeria



Very few universities in Nigeria offer an online learning platform where you can study your course entirely online. Most of them don’t offer online courses as part of their teaching curriculum. But NOUN does, it is an institution of distance learning.

NOUN is an acronym for National Open University of Nigeria, and it is a university that offers degree courses to prospective students. Most of their students are people that already have a job and cannot get away from it. So they opt instead for a distance learning online course to obtain a degree certification.

The University is approved by the Government and has centers all over Nigeria. Learning is entirely online through its e-learning portal. Students are expected to download course material for their respective disciplines from the website.

Students have to apply to be admitted into the university, but course material is free to download and use. It includes a few video instructions. The course material can be filtered by faculty, semester and level. At the end of each semester, they take an exam.


Edufirst.ng is an educational organization that provides IT solutions for schools. It is a subsidiary of Skool Media, also a private organization.

Edufirst offers several online courses in many subjects. It was one of the e-learning platforms used by the Federal Government for secondary school students during the COVID-19 pandemic. The e-learning program garnered more than 20,000 subscribers in the first few months.

Part of the IT solutions they provide for schools includes building computer labs, and overseeing the training of staff on the use of the facilities and the latest educational technologies. So far, Skool Media has successfully installed more than a dozen computer labs across Nigeria and has trained more than 100 staff members from unity schools.


Flexisaf is a very powerful Learning Management System (LMS), it allows administrators to manage their school activities and store student and teacher data in the cloud. Flexisaf provides an interesting range of services for its clients.

This e-learning platform has lots of features, it is great for managing an entire school from one dashboard. They provide e-learning solutions for primary schools, secondary schools, tertiary education, and even the Government, and have created many applications that cater to the needs of education in Nigeria.

One of their most prominent developments was the SRMS, it is a student record’s dashboard, and it allows you to collect school fees and other payments online. Students just login to the school website and pay upfront. Most Nigerian universities are currently using this service on their website.

Their e-learning platform is one of the best in the country, on the homepage of their website, it says “Our solutions are guaranteed to save you time, reduce expenses and boost efficiency”, and they are sticking to that mantra. Their innovation has led to the development of education in Nigeria, the website also fittingly says “We are on a mission to take education in Nigeria where no one has gone before”.



Gopius is an online LMS that is suitable for primary, secondary and tertiary schools. It provides administrators with tools to help them run their school efficiently.

You can track reports using Gopius, create digital content for learning, and everything is cloud-based. Multimedia tools such as videos, images and audio can be used to create the digital content.

Also, one of its main marketable features is that you can design and customize the look and feel of it. So, Gopius will go nicely with whatever theme you have in place on your website.


Superprof is more of a digital yellow page for tutors than it is an actual e-learning platform. They have thousands of tutors listed in their database from each state in Nigeria.

You can find private tutors for your child here, and you can find tutors on any subject or skill. There are maths tutors, English language tutors, chemistry tutors, physics tutors, accounting tutors, music tutors, etc. If you want, you can choose the private tutors according to their level of expertise, do you need a primary school tutor or a secondary school tutor?

You can also use Superprof to find tutors who offer lessons online via webcam. They will teach you or your child via Skype, Google Meet or any other similar video conferencing platform, all you need is a good webcam and reliable internet connection.


Posted On: 3 November, 2020