Best Online Courses You Can Use To Acquire Digital Skills In 2021

Some Of The Most Important Online Courses To Help You Learn Digital Skills In Nigeria

Best Online Courses You Can Use To Acquire Digital Skills In 2021

With technological advancement and the rise of the digital economy. Digital skills have become the most sought-after in employment requirements.

With digital skills, several individuals have been able to free themselves from the typical day job and joined the freelancing economy. If you would like to acquire a digital skill in Nigeria, it is possible through the use of online courses.

Below are the best online courses you can use to acquire digital skills in 2021.


1.  Google Analytics Certification

Google Analytics is very useful for website and blog owners. It allows them to see the progress being made on their website and see how much traffic they’ve had in recent times.

Google Analytics enables website owners to observe their growth or decline via analytics provided by Google. Nonetheless, as simple as it sounds, Google Analytics can get quite difficult. It is difficult to analyze the records before you according to location or traffic source.

The ability to fully utilize Google Analytics is a highly sought skill. This is because without proper analytics it is difficult to tell if a site is growing, declining or stunted. It is difficult to tell where to channel more energy and where to ignore.

If you would like to learn how to fully utilize Google Analytics whether for freelancing or your website. The Google Analytics Certification course will take you step-by-step through the process. The certification will enable you to attain a huge amount of knowledge to become a professional in using Google Analytics. The course is one of the best online courses that allow you to learn how to measure a website’s growth using google’s data.

The course is offered by the tech giant Google. It is entirely free and comes with a free certificate after an exam.

2.  Hubspot Content Marketing Certification Course

Content Marketing is a digital skill that is currently in high demand in 2021. This is because this skill is used not just by marketing professionals but content professionals.

Every brand in 2021 seeks to have an online presence and this requires the ability to make content. The Hubspot Marketing Certification Course teaches you how to create and produce content frequently.

It trains you on creating content that will rank on the first page of Google Search engine results and that humans will love.

Content Marketers earn over $1,500 monthly and if you would like to learn this digital skill either for personal use or as a service, you can take the Hubspot Content Marketing Certification Course.

The course is one of the few best online courses offered by the Hubspot Academy for free, and comes with a free certificate after your exams.

3.   Email Marketing Certification Course From Hubspot Academy

In 2021, it is no news to the digital world how much power email Marketing wields.

The digital skill of using email marketing allows brands to grow their businesses, gain new leads and customers, boost sales, increase awareness and traffic to their websites. It’s also effective for customer retention and trust.

One of the best online courses that can teach email Marketing is the Email Marketing Certification course from Hubspot Academy.

The course walks you through the fundamentals of email marketing and teaches you how to create an email marketing strategy that is not just effective but produces visible results.

Email Marketing is a high-demand digital skill and Hubspot Academy teaches you this skill for free with a free certificate after passing an exam.

4.  Modern Web Design Course

In 2021, several brands will continue to spring up and thanks to the coronavirus outbreak, it has become even more necessary to have an online presence.

Apart from social media accounts, one major way of creating an online presence is through having a website. This allows your brand to be discovered on search engines. For this reason, more and more brands will be seeking to move their businesses to the online space.

It then becomes no surprise that Web design is a hugely sought digital skill in 2021. If you have intentions of becoming a web designer, there are several online courses that can help you learn this skill.

One of the best online courses is Modern Web Designer offered by Gymnasium.  This online course teaches you the basics of web design and front-end development for free with a free certificate also included in the package.

5.  The Complete Digital Marketing Course 12 in 1

This Digital Marketing Course is offered in Udemy for the price of $94.99. At the time of writing this article, the course is on discount and going for $19.

In 2021, Digital marketing is an important digital skill. The complete Digital Marketing kit boasts of being the most comprehensive of all online courses on digital marketing. This is because the course teaches you skills in mastering digital strategy SEO, Google Analytics, Social media marketing and email marketing.  It trains you in digital marketing, starting from the basics.

By the end of the course, you would have learned everything needed to become a digital marketer. The duration of the course is 22 hours so you can learn all of these skills in less than a day.

6.  Ultimate Photoshop Training

Another digital skill that is sought after in 2021 is the use and mastery of adobe photoshop. In freelance marketplaces like Upwork and Fiverr, the hunt for freelancers with photoshop skills is massive.

Adobe Photoshop is an advanced tool used by graphic designers, photographers and artists.


The Ultimate Photoshop Training online course teaches beginners how to use Adobe Photoshop and slowly takes them from beginner level to a level of proficiency and mastery. The duration of the course is 15 hours and it goes on Udemy for $94.99.

7.  Social Media Marketing

Social media is greatly becoming a massive tool in branding and sales. Several brands and businesses aim to go viral on social media. This is because, with social media, you have the ability to reach a wide range of audiences and boost your brand’s popularity.

A key digital skill in 2021, is social media marketing. Out of the online courses available. You can find the Social Media Marketing Course on Skillshare. The platform offers an amazing course on social media marketing.

It provides students with tips on growing followers for your social media account and going viral. With the course, you can learn the skills necessary to grow a strong brand.

At the time of writing this article, the course boasts 56,189 students. It is beginner-friendly and helps you work your way up to mastery level even if you’ve never had prior knowledge of social media marketing.

Posted On: 22 July, 2021