The Best Educational Websites For Secondary School Students In Nigeria

Student Websites In Nigeria You Need To Know About

best educational websites

Teenagers often have to visit websites to check relevant information concerning their educational pursuits, and often, they find them, because there are websites dedicated to sharing educational news for free. Educational websites are great sources of information for the young students and have a stockpile of resources for them to use.

If you want the best educational websites in Nigeria, well, you don’t have to worry, we have listed about seven of them here and some of them have been active for a long time, giving millions of students what they need, when they need it.

From WAEC exams information updates to how you can extract NECO results to JAMB news, these sites have done quite a lot in serving this country by informing secondary school students in Nigeria.


The best of the best among the educational websites, have resources for secondary school students to help them learn more, both in the classroom and outside of the classroom (i.e. after school hours).

Let’s take a look at some of these extraordinary sites, shall we?

Best Educational Websites In Nigeria

We have provided links to each of the websites listed below, just click on the heading with the name of the website to visit.

1. myschoolgist.com

Myschoolgist.com is one of the top student websites in Nigeria, they provide one of the latest and most reliable info on educational news in Nigeria. Millions of secondary school students and even undergraduates flock to the website every day to get one information or the other.

Their specialty, is that they have all information regarding O’level exams. You can easily lay your hands on O’level exam timetables, JAMB brochures, WAEC/NECO news, result checkers, you name it, there are hundreds of other O’level resources you can get from the website including past Q&As.

Past Q and A is an essential learning tool for secondary school students. It helps them during exam period because it aids them with exam preparation, it is literally a Question and Answers book, so students use it to practice for the exams because it gives them insight on how their upcoming exams will be set.

Everything you need to know about gaining admission into a higher institution in Nigeria is also available in myschoolgist.com, it has a vast database of information regarding that. You can find the list of all the higher institutions currently open for admissions, and the list of all the courses offered by Nigerian universities and polytechnics and so much more.

Besides all of this, the website also provides information on scholarships in Nigeria, but one of their most helpful endeavors is posting blog post guides such as how they can retrieve their O’level results, e.g. how to check WAEC and NECO result, how to check JAMB result and so on.

2. waecdirect.org

Speaking about the WAEC examinations, here is the official government website of the West African Examinations Council. This site is a portal for every secondary school student who registered for WAEC to check their result.

They are the first to post of any update concerning WAEC result, whether it is delayed or it is made available, you will know from this portal. This website however has another of its kind, called waceonline.org.ng, it is also an official Government website of WAEC.

While waecdirect.org is a result checking portal, the latter is a WAEC news site. All updates and news regarding WAEC Exams can be found there.

We would suggest getting your information from verified and official sources, it is not safe to trust a student’s WAEC credentials for instance to a stranger online.

3. nigerianscholars.com

This is an educational news website, trusted by many students and teachers alike. They provide relevant information and resources for secondary school students.

Their news stories are truly the latest, they release news updates in a timely manner and everything is connected to the educational sector. Students can use the website to check if exam timetables are made available, or if there is going to be school after a strike, etc.

But one of the true gems of this website is the insurmountable tutorial resources they provided for free. The tutorials can be accessed via webpages from the site, there are thousands of topics and almost all secondary school subjects.

One can just click on a subject and choose their desired topic, an article will appear explaining it in detail. Along with this is a practice CBT software which apparently, students can use for free no charge, just like the name suggests, it is to practice their exam and knowledge skills.

4. superprof.ng

Superprof is the biggest tutorial website on the planet, it has over ten million users worldwide and for every city in Nigeria, there are thousands of tutors who signed up to teach your child.

Tutorials, or private home lessons as we liked to call them are an exceptional learning tool for secondary school students, it can help them prepare for exams because you can simply find a tutor whose specific goal is to help your kid with exam preparation.

You can also get a tutor to help them improve their grades, practice music skills, learn a foreign language, cope with their class, etc.

To find your desired tutor, you can use superprof’s user-friendly search engine to locate a private tutor in your area, you can choose either online or if they have to come to your house, and you can also select your budget range.

5. Tuteria.com

Another impressive tutorial website, perhaps the most famous in Nigeria even. Tuteria has served many parents and students by connecting the parents with tutors.

The advantages a child gets from tutoring are numerous, they can improve in a short amount of time if they have a good teacher and if a child is having difficulties in a subject, a private tutor can help clear it out for them on a one-on-one teaching approach.

Tuteria will ask you to select a goal for the tutoring, the level or class of the child, your address, and then they pair the information with tutors who match the criteria of the searching parent.

6. Flexisaf Blog

Finally we have Flexisaf. It is a fairly new company, but one that is shifting the dynamics of educational technology in Nigeria. They provide software solutions for schools and you may notice some of their project as SAFSMS.

They have created school management systems for secondary schools across the nation and set up online payment platforms for them to collect school fees. Most universities in Nigeria use their service to collect payment of school fees and school registration fees.

They showcase their experience and outstanding work on their website blog.flexisaf.com. You will find hints and tips on; management, leadership and news on cutting edge educational technology news.

Reading from a website such as Flexisaf and the other educational websites lets students expand their horizons, they become well informed and know how to access things that are of direct concern to their education, and they learn how to find relevant educational resources, and learn how to use them.


7. Edufirst.ng 

Edufirst.ng is indeed a foremost leader in the educational space. Over the years, it has risen to be a top competitor in the educational digital space. The blog keeps followers aware of educational trends and news happening all over the world through its weekly informative articles and news feeds. Providing up to date information on schools, available scholarships and courses for self and career development.

Since the lockdown began, Edufirst.ng through its Youtube Channel (EduFirst TV) has given Nigerian students free access to its NERDC Approved resource library with over 600 secondary school video contents on Subjects like Mathematics, English language, among others.

Little wonder it is listed on the Federal Ministry of Education’s website as a go-to for e-learning in Nigeria.



Posted On: 17 August, 2020