Admission List 2022: Tips For Students Awaiting Admission

Productive Ways To Spend Your Time While Waiting For Admission List To Be Released

Admission List 2021: Tips For Students Awaiting Admission

As we enter into the rainy season, most students aren’t worried about the rains, their minds are more focused elsewhere. Specifically, they are anxious to know their fates in the admission lists of 2022.

They want to know if their names will appear on the admission list this year or its better luck next time. Waiting for admission can be nerve-wracking, after going through all the exams and tests and most especially 6 years of secondary school, it is only natural to be anxious to see if you have made it into a university.

Although this is unavoidable, you can make the most out of the time spent waiting for the admission list.

Here are a few tips we put together to help students cope with the mental stress and the overwhelming feeling of waiting for the 2022 admission list after taking UTME.


9 Tips For Students Waiting For Admission List 2022

The list includes a host of activities that some may seem unrelated but are beneficial in the long run, you will read about activities such as exercising and visiting family and friends.

1.   Keep fit

Exercise is one of the most beneficial practices for mankind. Exercise helps you to keep fit and it improves your health. With all the free time you will have on your hands not waking up for school every morning, you can use that time to do some fitness workouts.

Exercising your body helps improve blood flow, and improves the condition of your heart, and it also improves brain function, meaning it makes you smarter. As a student, that is a goal worth every sweat.

2.   Don’t be anxious

You should try not to be anxious about the admission list. Instead, engage yourself with stuff that will not bore you, because as they say, idleness is not good for the soul.

So try to remain calm through the whole waiting period. Although, you should also be optimistic about getting admission, just don’t worry so much and don’t let what you cannot control overwhelm you.

3.   Plan your next move

It is important to sit and plan what you will be doing after you have been offered admission, the 2022 admission list is just a stone’s throw away.

You can plan things you need to buy, although you should hold off buying them until you are sure you are going off to university. You can also plan out things you need to do or sort out before you leave.

Planning removes the stupor from an otherwise boring situation. Besides, going off to a tertiary institution needs a lot of planning.

4.   Be mentally prepared

While you are patiently waiting for the admission list for 2022 you should be aware and mentally prepare yourself for leaving for school. University life is different from anything you have ever experienced at school.

It is going to challenge you, you are going to feel homesick, the studying is a lot tougher than at secondary school, so yeah, you are going to need to be mentally prepared for this.

5.   Check JAMB admission portal regularly

Even though you are trying to distract yourself from thinking too much about the 2021 admission list, and doing something productive, that shouldn’t stop you from doing practical stuff to make sure you got the admission.

You should regularly check the JAMB admission portal to know about your admission status, or visit your school of choice’s admission portal to check if they have released the admission list of 2022.

6.   Read books

This might be the perfect time to explore and read books you have been meaning to read for a long time. You have lots of free time, it is an opportunity to enjoy well-written and famous books.

Reading will help keep your brain active for when you get admission and school begins, it is like keeping your brain fit instead of your muscles.

There are hundreds of thousands of books you can choose from, there are memoirs by great people, personal essays, fictional stories, books on personal growth and so much more.

7.   Visit family and friends

During your last year at secondary school, you must have been preoccupied with writing exams (JAMB, WAEC, NECO, etc), and may even have missed out on some family occasions.

Now’s your chance to reclaim all that time spent writing exams before you are gone for university. Visiting your family members and friends is a great distraction from the ever-nagging worry of waiting for the admission list to be out.

Besides, you get to enjoy your time with some of your loved ones.

8.   Do something on your bucket list

Are you the adventurous type? Is there something you have been wanting to do, perhaps with friends? Once again, this is your chance. You can go hiking or spend time in a garden or ride a horse in a park and so on.

The possibilities are endless, everyone has something they want to do in their lifetime, if it’s within reach, you might as well try it before you are shipped off to school again.

Just find something you have been meaning to try and do it, cross it off your list. We bet it is going to be fun while waiting for the 2022 admission list.

9.   Research about the tertiary school you are going to

JAMB gives you the opportunity to choose a first and second choice for the tertiary school you want to go to, it could be a university, polytechnic, college of education or others. Make sure to do some research into the school you chose as your school of choice.

You should try to find out about their rules, the school’s culture, info about accommodation, location, prices of items and where to get them, etc.

It will give you an edge when it is finally time to start University, and it will keep you informed, it is good to stay informed.

Posted On: 16 March, 2022