7 things you didn’t know about Bode Thomas

7 things to know about Bode Thomas

Born to the family of Andrew Thomas, a wealthy trader and auctioneer in October 1919, Chief Bode Thomas was a Nigerian lawyer, politician, statesman and traditional aristocrat.

From the information made available on Wikipedia, Thomas served with distinction as both a colonial minister of the Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria and a nobleman and privy counsellor of the historic Oyo clan of Yorubaland at a time when his native country was just beginning the journey to its independence in the 1960s.

At a young age, he had the privilege of being made a leader of both Nobles and commoners.

Following on his successes he was then appointed as Nigeria’s first Minister of Transportation.

An intelligent and very outspoken lawyer, his life and also death was surrounded by mystery. As there are different opinions about what led to his early demise.

Today, we take a peep into 7 salient things many of us do not know about Nigeria’s first minister of Transportation.


  1. He was born to the family of Andrew Thomas, a wealthy trader and auctioneer who was originally from Oyo but migrated to Lagos
  2. He served as a junior clerk at the Nigerian Railway Corporation after completing his studies at C.M.S Grammar School but towards the end of the year, he resigned his appointment and travelled to London to study law
  3. He collaborated with F.R.A Williams and Remi’ Fani-Kayode to set up Nigeria’s first indigenous law firm in 1948 called “Thomas, Williams and Kayode”
  4. Bode Thomas was an excellent lawyer but was also very arrogant. This made him to make lots of enemies
  5. He was the Balogun of Oyo before he died
  6. He was Nigeria’s first Minister of Transportation
  7. Bode Thomas Road in Surulere, Lagos State was named after him.

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Posted On: 27 May, 2019