7 Reasons To Study In A University In Canada

Why You Should Consider Studying In Canada From Nigeria

7 Reasons To Study In A University In Canada

When considering some of the best countries in the world to attain a university degree, Canada quickly pops up on the list. This is not surprising as Canada consistently ranks as one of the best countries in the world.

Irrespective of that fact, if you are a Nigerian student considering furthering your education at a university outside Nigeria, there might be several concerns and questions on your mind including tuition fees, crime rates, and even how welcomed you would be in a new environment.


Studying at a University in Canada helps you check all three out of the list and more. Nonetheless, if you’re still confused and unsure about your choice, here are 7 incredible reasons why you should choose to study at a university in Canada.

1.  Universities In Canada Are More Affordable

For international students who are considering studying abroad, it would be a great idea to study at a University in Canada. One of the reasons for this is because Universities in Canada are more affordable than their counterparts in countries like the United Kingdom and the United States.

The average tuition fee for undergraduate international students in a University in Canada is about CA$29,714 which is the equivalent of $22,500 US Dollars. The average in the United Kingdom is about £38,000 which is the equivalent of $53,700 US dollars. While in the United States the tuition fees for undergraduate international students range from $30,000-$35,000 US dollars.

From these details, you can tell that it’s comparatively cheaper to attend a university in Canada as an international undergraduate. If you don’t have the finances to cope with the fees, universities in Canada are open to international students and there are several scholarships you can apply for. This will help you attend a University In Canada at a subsidized rate.

There are also several ranges of tuition fees and depending on your chosen course of study, you can study at a university in Canada for much less than the average tuition fee. Living expenses are also affordable and so you can enjoy your stay and study.

2.  Canada Welcomes International Students

As a Nigerian student considering traveling to an English-speaking country to further your education, one of your concerns might be how accepted you will be. A good reason to study in a university in Canada is that the country itself is not just warm and friendly but welcoming to international students. Canada ranks as one of the most multicultural nations on the planet.

The Canadian culture is welcoming and encourages diversity. Canada is one of the countries that always has a warm greeting and open arms of approval for international students from diverse cultures. The country is safe and irrespective of whether you stay on campus, somewhere in a metropolitan city, or a small town, you can be sure that you will be welcomed and accepted.

3.  Opportunities Of Extended Stay

If one of the reasons you’re considering studying abroad is because you have intentions to migrate or relocate from Nigeria, a university in Canada would be a perfect choice.

During your study at the university, you have the opportunity of working alongside your studies. Asides from that you also have an opportunity for an extended stay after your graduation. The icing on the cake is hinged on the fact that international students who study at a university in Canada, have the opportunity to transition from temporary to permanent residence in Canada and eventually even acquire Canadian citizenship if they desired.

You have tremendous opportunities for an extended stay after you graduate from a University in Canada because the Canadian government offers graduates of Canadian universities a work program that allows them to gain relevant experience after their education.

This allows you to equally develop your skill, gain experience and still live in Canada. It also means that if you possess a Canadian certificate and work experience, you can apply to permanently reside in the country without ever leaving.


4.  Access To World Class Education

Studying at a University in Canada gives you access to high quality and world-class education. Of the best 250 universities in the world, Canada owns 10 universities on the list. That’s an amazing achievement. This includes Universities like the University of Toronto and the University of Alberta.

If you get your diploma in a University in Canada, you will be entitled to a diploma that is recognized anywhere in the world. In addition, Canadian Universities train students using modern technology and well-trained and qualified teachers. This allows these universities to compete with leading universities in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Universities in Canada are constantly monitored and regulated by provincial governments. They often undergo a five-year quality review and this ensures that you are getting one of the best education across the globe as the average university in Canada is held to strict government measures.

5.  Canada Is A Safe And Beautiful Environment

If you are looking for a safe and crime-free environment to pursue your post-secondary school education, a terrific option would be to study at a University in Canada. This is because Canada indexes as one of the safest countries in the world.

With an incredibly low crime rate and such a high quality of life, your stay and education in the country would be peaceful and incredible. The cities are lined with fun, culture and excitement, and its geography breathes beauty at every turn.

6.   Access To Language Education

Another advantage of choosing to study in a university in Canada is your access to high-quality and world-class language education.

Canada is a bilingual-speaking nation; speaking French and English, it is the perfect breeding ground to sharpen your knowledge of French and English at the same time.

Canada remains a leading country in respect to language education. Attending a university in Canada means that you will have no further choice than to sharpen your skills and enhance your familiarity with both languages during your education.

This is made easy through incredible and world-class language training provided for you by the university to enable you to ace your examinations.

7.  Scholarships And Bursaries For Students

Another reason to choose a University in Canada is that you are presented with several scholarships and burdens to help ease the financial burden that comes with university education. These scholarships are equally available to international students.

One of the more popular scholarships offered in Canada is the CAD$10,000 offered by the Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship Programme to students who enroll in any recognized research university.


Each year, over 200,000 international students opt to study at a university in Canada. This is because Canada offers amazing educational and life opportunities and experiences.

If you’ve been considering studying at a university outside of your home country, there are tons of reasons to choose Canada. This includes that the country boasts of having prestigious and world-class universities, a safe and beautiful environment, welcoming arms for international students and the choice of gaining permanent residency after your education.

Posted On: 15 September, 2021