Copyright – Respect for the property of others


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Class Artwork

  • Students should take out time to work on a special artwork of their choice.
  • Students Artwork should be something inspirational and relatable.
  • When students conclude their task, use the questions on the next slide.

class artwork task

What is a copyright?

Dictionary definition:

Copyright is a form of legal protection automatically provided to the authors of “original works of authorship”

  • Literary
  • Dramatic
  • Musical
  • Artistic works

kids definition

Protected or Shared?

  • Some content is protected.
  • Some content is licensed for sharing.
  • This is called re-use rights.
  • One way for an owner to let others know that the content is available for re-use is to use a Creative Commons license.

creative commons

when can you use creative commons

common license-how it works

image search with bing

Copyright Word Bank (Copyright most commonly used words)

  • Images
  • Search
  • Effective
  • Respectful
  • Filter
  • Re-use
  • Attribution
  • Copyright
  • Ownership
  • Permission
  • Content
  • Creative Commons license


Activities For Students

  • Group students in teams or partners, ask them to create PowerPoint presentation.
  • Title their slides with assigned word.
  • Ask them to add a dictionary definition from the website provided to them by you.
  • Add a kid definition that you wrote in your team.
  • Add at least one image you found to represent your image that was licensed for re-use through Creative Commons.
  • Let them be ready to share their work!


Posted On: 2 February, 2018