Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) at HiiT - ₦

The Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) certification course prepares IT experts for high-level jobs as database administrators, system architects and project managers.The Oracle Certified Professional(OCP) Certification course builds on the skills developed during Oracle Certified Associate(OCA) training course.This course takes the database administrator beyond the basic tasks covered in the first workshop. You’ll begin by gaining a deep understanding of the most important responsibilities a DBA has: performing backup and recovery.

Oracle Certified Professional(OCP) certification requires validation of hands-on training and real-world experience, employers can trust that certified candidates meet the minimum standards for challenging database jobs.

Participants have to have undergone the Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) Training Course.

The topics that are covered in this program include:
Core Concepts and Tools of the Oracle Database
Configuring for Recoverability
Using the RMAN Recovery Catalog
Configuring Backup Setting
Creating Backups with RMAN
Restore and Recovery Tasks
Using RMAN to Perform Recovery
Monitoring and Tuning RMAN
Diagnosing the Database
Using Flashback Technology I
Using Flashback technology II
Performing Flashback Database
Managing Memory
Managing Database Performance
Managing Performance by SQL Tuning
Managing Resources
Automating Tasks with the Scheduler
Managing Space
Managing Space for the Database
Duplicating a Database

36 hours over six (6) weeks. Three (3) hours on every (Tuesdays & Thursdays)
36 hours over Two (2) months. Five (5) Hours, Saturdays Only.

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