JavaScript Programming at HiiT - ₦

What an exciting time to be a JavaScript developer! What was once only considered a language to add enhancements and widgets to a web page has since evolved into its own fully-fledged ecosystem. As of the beginning of 2015, it stands as the second most popular language in terms of questions tagged on stack overflow, next to only Java, with around a million questions tagged on it. There are tons of frameworks and environments to make it possible to run JavaScript almost anywhere.

With the introduction of Node.js, JavaScript has officially gone in a direction that was never even possible before. Now you can use JavaScript on the server and you can also use it to develop full-scale, enterprise-level applications. When you combine this with the power of MongoDB and its JSON-powered data, you can work with JavaScript in every layer of your application.

Good knowledge of HTML, CSS, BootStrap.

The Topics that are covered in this program include:
Syntax Basics
Variables and Datatypes
Conditional statements and Iteration
Dialog box, Frames and Windows
Page Redirect and Page Redirect
JavaScript Objects, Classes, Inheritance
Form Validation
Animation and Multimedia
Error and Exception Handling
Browser Detection and Image map
Regular Expressions
Node, MongoDB and Express Basics
Web Development with MongoDB, NodeJS and the Express framework

2 Months (Tuesdays & Thursdays)
4 Months (Saturdays Only)

27 Obafemi Awolowo Way, Beside Obafemi Awolowo House, Ikeja, Lagos.
Phone: 0816-1660-043, 0802-270-5992
Email: [email protected]