Advanced diploma in marketing and sales management - ₦

Advanced diploma in marketing and sales management is more of a business development program put together to equip students, professionals, managers, salesmen, entrepreneurs, as well as others in related fields with basic skills, knowledge etc, the hope of meeting their basic needs through thorough research on the subject matter thereby creating a platform for self sustainability, need to be self sustaining and further strengthening the relationship between them, the organizations, the environment and the wider environment. In this era of dwindling economy, attention has to be shifted from the known to the unknown for possible survival. This program teaches the basic fact that the first product to be marketed is one’s self. Basically most organizations find it difficult to survive in stiff and competitive environment. Most organizations do not understand the basic rules that guides the pricing of products. It also examines the global marketing withing organizations and society in general. It further focuses on strategies for fostering creativity and processes for developing entrepreneurial ventures. The program is also designed to provide solutions to the basic challenge faced by all marketers which of cause is on how to influence the purchase behaviour of consumers in the favour of the product or service which they offer. Gaining an understanding of the basic concepts, distinction and techniques for an effective and ethical analysis of business situations and the exposure to the specific ethical principles or norms applicable in most business situations is one basic fact that must not be over looked in marketing, the advanced diploma in marketing and sales management provides solutions to these challenges and acquaint them with standards of ethical behavior through continuous learning, teachings and innovative ideas. At the end if the program students would have the privileges of gaining the following

1. Have a thorough knowledge and understanding of marketing and strategies required to break into new grounds
2. Have the basic knowledge of buyers behaviour and ways to deal with them
3. Understand the environment thoroughly and strategies needed to making it friendly
4 understand the principles of personal selling
5. Understand the importance of business communication
6. Know the basic skills needed towards product marketing and entrepreneurship development
7. Understand the importance of communication technology in business organization
8. Understand the ethics and social responsibility that are associated with business
9. It will enhance your ability to stay competitive during stiff competition
10. It is an opportunity to actualize your dream and effectively manage your business.
11. Acquire skills that will propel you to own a business of your own
12. It will help boost your confidence and stand on your own.

1. Advanced public relations
2. Advanced consumer behavior
3. Advanced management accounting
4. Advanced strategic marketing
5. Advanced global markets and strategies
6. Advanced business policies and strategies
7. Advanced macro and micro economics
8. Advanced business/marketing ethics and corporate governance
9. Advanced information/ communication management strategy
10. Entrepreneurship and innovative development strategies
11. Social media marketing.
12. Project writing

DURATION 6 MONTHS( Saturdays only 8-4pm)

Application fee:
Form Fees: N5, 000 (Nonrefundable)
Course Fee / Material: N95, 000

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