Month: March 2019

20 Skills to Learn in 2019 for Under $20

A new YouGov poll revealed that Americans are prioritizing fitness in 2019, with 59 percent of respondents saying they've committed to "exercising more" as a New Year's resolution. Noble? Yes. Naive? Also yes. Most fitness resolutions are fool's errands, after all, with 73 percent of people abando

2nd Pan Africa Youth Forum

The African Union is hosting the 2nd Pan African Youth Forum under the theme "African Youth Unite for Action - Bridging the Gap and Reaching out to Young Africans" The event will create spaces for Youth to co-create solutions in these key areas which will contribute to the implementation of the i

Codefunky – Pre-Camp Survey

Codefunky is a summer camp programme proposed for students in Lagos. It is a camp experience designed to offer to students top rated creative computing, digital skills, IOT, Coding, AR and VR, Internet Safety and valuable soft skills that will open their minds to the new realities of the digita